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Monday, May 28, 2007

Misc. Monday Pics

Here are Sophia and Noah in the back seat. Sophia was putting her crock on Noah's head, and would laugh and say, 'Noah's Crock Hat!' We were on our way to check out a possible new puppy. That's a bit of a long story, scroll to the bottom of today's post for the wordy details.

Here is Sophia at the dinner table, being a goofball. She would smirk and grin, and look all around with just her eyes, holding her head still. It made us laugh and laugh! She's a ham!

Here is Sophia doing her 'American eyes'. She puts her thumbs just under her eyebrows and lifts them up to make her eyes rounder, and laughs. Yup, we're a funny bunch, and are sometimes even politically incorrect! ;) We sure have fun, though!

If I ask Sophia her name, she says "So-tee-ta". When I ask her how old she is, she says 'two', and then shows me with her fingers. Isn't this a funny way to do it? She does it every time.

Daddy was sitting at the table after dinner, making a business call. When he dialed the phone, she looked at me from across the table, and told me, 'SHHHHH!', with her finger to her lips! LOL While he was on the phone, Sophia took the opportunity to write in Daddy's schedule book. Just look at her face, she knew she had to take advantage of an opportunity!

As she looks up at Daddy..."I can't believe you're not stopping me, Daddy... you must be really busy on the phone... hehehe"

Awe... Daddy cuddles her even when he's on a business call!

What a smile! Oh yes... that is food on her face...

I thought this one was funny!

Here are the doggy details. Saw an ad for a 7 month old puppy, said they had to get rid of because of allergies. The teen daughter not happy about puppy going (has grown attached in last 3 weeks).

We get there, want the puppy, and the Mom says something like, 'if you want to take her, you can. But, if you don't take her, we're going to keep her.' Hmmmm? That's a tough one. Way to put us on the spot! We want the dog, ready to take her home, and then you let us know you're going to keep her if we don't take her. So, if we DO take her, we're taking YOUR dog away, the dog you now want to keep? Ugh! The worst thing was that for the 15 minutes or so while we were there, we were sure we were taking the dog home. Just had to hand over the cash to finish the deal. Talking about if the dog eats table scraps or not, etc.

We left without the dog. :( The ride home wasn't quite as joyful.


Steffie B. said...

Those are great pics and I love her little t shirt. My Sophia calls herself So-be-ya.... ;)

Truly Blessed said...

She has Daddy wrapped around her little finger, I think.

So sorry about the dog. Awkward position, I agree. How did the kids (other than being "less joyful") take leaving puppy behind?

Maybe you'll find another one?

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures--sorry about the dog. Mom

BrendaR said...

Wow! Great photos! Had no idea you guys were looking for a dog! What a spot to be in! Did they want the dog - did they not want the dog? ugh! said...

Mommy, she's saying "hang loose". ha ha. I think that's the official Hawaian (sp?)symbol! Too dang funny. I love the one of her looking at her daddy... You do capture some awesome shots of your family.


crazylady said...

Be still my heart...Daddy...
Sophia rocks. But, I as in ME, want that shirt of hers! LOL.

No PC offense taken here.

p.s I got a dog for

Mommy Spice said...

Hey, I see a Hook'em Horns!! Yes, I'm a Texas girl; Longhorn fan.

Sorry about the puppy. Hope you find another one.

Bridget said...

Great pix!! I love the one of her "two" fingers! Now all she has to do is stick her thumb out and then she'll be saying "I love you!" I sign that to Evan all the time after I tuck him in!
The kids are LOVING the slide!! Thank you SOOO much! I haven't gotten on my blog lately so there are no pix yet! They went on it THAT night!! haha I'll make sure to post some new pix soon! Troy's been off so we've been busy!! Talk to ya soon! Thanks again!

Heza Hekele said...

On showing you that she is two...if she puts her thumb out also, she would be signing "I love you!"