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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 2

Today was a busy day. We started out at the ER for Harrison, then went to Shaw's for lobster. Next was the puffin cruise. After the puffin cruise we went to Pemaquid Point until it was dusk. Go to NICOLE'S BLOG to read more details, and see more pictures. She's much better at posting details than I am!

The view of the lighthouse from the rocks, Pemaquid Point, Maine

The girls watching the waves crashing against the rocks

Paige grabs the moon

Pemaquid Point, Maine. This is what was making Nicole a little nervous... Be careful guys!

"Ted, you want me to put my finger WHERE?"

When we got off the Puffin boat, Sophia was complaining about the 'fishy' smell. It is a working dock, where they unload the lobster boats, and it was pretty stinky. This is what Sophia does when she smells something stinky. She didn't remove her fingers from her nose until we left the area.

I love this picture. This was at Shaw's, and Sophia was sitting on her Daddy's lap. Gracie came over and gave him a hug, and Sophia grabbed him just a little tighter. I guess she didn't want Gracie to forget whose Daddy he was! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blackberry and Strawberry

Right now I'm sitting on my front porch, enjoying the beautiful, sunny, cool, breezy day. The pups are laying by my feet, and the porch swings are swaying in the breeze.

This is my first post from my new blackberry. I'm loving it.

Sophia is so cute, and said when she gets bigger she's getting a strawberry. That kid cracks me up!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Alabama to Maine... Day 1 & 2

Okay, if you're anything like me, it's all about the pictures. I'll put those first, and then you can read the (boring) details! Go see NICOLE'S BLOG, she's got even better photos and comments from the trip. I picked a few different pictures that I liked also.

Isn't this boy so handsome???
It was hard to believe he wasn't feeling well with a fever, he was so good natured!

The girls in their matching dresses, holding hands walking back from the water to their Daddies.

Noah shows Gracie a hermit crab he found in the ocean


We had been anxiously awaiting the day they would arrive. I cleaned parts of the house that hadn't been cleaned in awhile. I baked a cheesecake. I stocked the fridge with their favorite beverages. I was simmering a home-made spaghetti sauce when I got the call. It was DH. He was heading back from the Boston airport with Harry, Nicole, Gracie and Harrison. He broke down in the minivan in New Hampshire on the way home with them. They pushed it off the highway (wish I had a picture of that!) and he asked me to head south to rescue them. They were 1 1/2 hours away. I borrowed the in-law's minivan, (loaded with an alternator and tools) and headed south. I chuckled, as this was quite a way to welcome our guests.

Gracie is Sophia's friend from China. They lived in the same orphanage, and were born only days apart. I cannot even explain the bond we have with this family. We didn't know them before the adoption, but they feel so much like family to us. They're almost as crazy as we are I guess! ;)

After I arrived in NH, DH threw the new part on the minivan, and we were good to go. We made the rest of the trek home to Maine, and showed our guests to their fancy guest room. Okay, it's not a fancy guest room at all. We booted um... I mean Paige was willing to give up her room covered in Nick Jonas posters. We introduced them to Maggie (remember, Diesel went to the kennel). Harry did well not to engage in eye contact with Maggie (very important as she was trying, as if to say, 'come on, just give me a reason...') After a solid day, Harry earned Maggie's trust, and was able to pet her and make of her. Oh happy day.

That first night we sat on the porch and enjoyed just chatting. As I recall Nicole needed a blanket to cover up with, or was that the next morning? I guess her blood is thin from all that Alabama heat.

The next morning Ted was working, and we just took our time getting up and getting going. Harry played a few video games with Noah with the Wii, and we sat on the porch some more. It was so nice and relaxing not to have to rush out of the house to get somewhere.

When Ted got back, we headed to the Seadog Brewing Company in Brunswick, for lunch. It was a neat place, right on the river. They did have a beer sampler (even blueberry flavored!) but I don't think anyone enjoyed them. When all was said and done, the beer sampler was still full. The meal was good, and we headed to Bailey Island. It was nice and relaxing, and shopping at the gift shop was fun. I found out Harry is pretty particular about the rocks he collects, and the ones I found were never good enough for him. Nicole had fun finding sea glass. Turns out she could have just bought some in the gift shop, but finding it on your own is much more fun! We came back to the house for the spaghetti dinner that was supposed to be the previous night. We stuffed ourselves silly, and then sat on the porch to let it digest. Good times.

You should go see Nicole's blog CLICK HERE, she's also posting about their adventures here in Maine.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Diesel Update - Lyme Disease

EVENING UPDATE: Today he was wrestling with Maggie on the lawn, and even stole her toys away as usual. He's especially laid back though, and didn't even bark when a neighbor drove in and spoke with Ted. He just stood at the door (baby gate keeping him in) and wagged his tail. No barking, nothing. Tonight the vet said he's probably had it awhile (since spring would be his guess) since symptoms don't show that early.

Diesel left our home Saturday, July 12th. We paid $350 to have him kenneled with our dog trainer for a week. We had company coming, and DH made the decision he had to go. We placed ads in area newspapers, and the trainer was going to work with him that week and interview prospective new families to be sure they were the right fit.

Well, the trainer touched base with us during the week, and hadn't been able to get him out of his kennel (big kennel, not little bitty one). Diesel wouldn't let him near him. Oh great. Ted went out with our visiting friend Harry, (and Noah too), and visited with him, and let him out of the cage. Needless to say, he was over the moon excited to see Ted. They went for a long walk in the woods, and since Harry had never met him, they used him as a 'guinea pig' to see how Diesel would react to a stranger. He reacted just fine, and after their visit, he went back in the cage. Ted and I both felt sick about the whole thing. He went from sleeping on our bed and getting tons of love and attention, to being confined to a kennel, all alone. Outside, in the dark, he cried all night for nights. We got a call from a woman that was a possible candidate, and we were to meet her Saturday afternoon in town, to go out to meet him. She'd called back numerous times, very interested. We waited, and she never showed. There were no other calls that seemed promising. So, we went out to visit him, and with the expense of another $350 for the 2nd week, we brought him home. DH bought an extra sturdy kennel for here ($550), where he could go if company came, or such. I should also mention that the dog trainer told us he did nothing wrong, (yes, we told him everything) and is not overly aggressive, and that we should keep him, and just kennel him when company comes, just to be on the safe side.

So he's home, for now. Ted still says he has to go. The night he came home, he started limping. We figured since he wasn't very active that week, his muscles were lame, or he pulled a muscle getting in or out of the truck. We were wrong. The limp moved from the front leg, to the back leg. He went upstairs, and Ted had to carry him down the stairs in the morning. I blocked off the stairs, and slept downstairs with him for 3 nights. He cried out in pain during the nights, it was just terrible.

Diesel has lyme disease.

The interesting thing is that a friend of mine emailed me when she heard we were getting rid of him, and asked if I'd had him tested for lyme disease. What a strange question, I thought! Of course I hadn't (he hadn't had any symptoms). She explained that her boxer got it, and with it came aggression. Once he started treatment, he calmed down considerably. I still didn't connect the two, until Diesel got the other symptoms. I did some research on the internet, and sure enough, she was right. CLICK HERE. The behaviors that got Diesel into trouble, were within the past couple months. It is quite likely that the lyme disease is to blame for his change in behavior.

We've started him on the antibiotic (that he will need to be on for a whole month), and he is almost limp free, and is his happy, loving self again. He has his energy back.

Ted still says he needs to go. I don't agree, especially considering the lyme disease diagnosis.

I got a call from a guy that seems to be a good candidate. We'll work with the trainer and see if he in fact, is. Will he want a puppy with lyme disease? We'll just have to wait and see. I hope not.

Poor Diesel.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends Are Here...

and we're having a blast. The weather has been beautiful here, and the girls are getting along great. So sad they can only stay a week! Tons more pics to come - this will just have to be a teaser for you! This was taken at Bailey Island, Maine.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What I'm up to...



Friends from Alabama are arriving today, to spend the week with us. They are dear friends we made on our trip to China. They've never been to Maine, so we'll be heading to the ocean, eating 'lob-stah', and going on a puffin cruise. I probably won't have time to check up on all my favorite blogs, or post. Check back next week to see all the fun we had this week!

This should take our minds off missing Diesel. Ted called to check on him last night (he's at the dog trainer's being kenneled, trained and then placed). He's not doing well at all. I feel sick to my stomach. We've got two weeks to place him, then the trainer is going back to Boston. He said we can leave him there (in an outside kennel, ALONE), and just go feed him every few days. What are we going to do if he isn't placed??? Diesel is so 'needy' and loves and needs to be made of and petted. He's alone in a kennel. This is so wrong. Maggie is moping around the house, and ate for the first time since Diesel left (Saturday morning) on Sunday night. We've been busy getting the house ready for company, and that has been helpful.

Here's to a new week with friends! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye my Friend.

So big, but so gentle and cuddly sweet. I will miss you sitting on the floor in front of the couch, at Sophia's feet, with your head laying flat on the couch, watching her eat many a snack. I knew you wanted some, but you never took it.

When you did get something you shouldn't have in your mouth, I love how any of us could take it away from you (even Sophia) without a growl or a tug of war. You knew your place in this family, that's for sure.

Diesel. AKA Moose, Diesel Boy, My Big Handsome.

Oh my, how little and ADORABLE you were!

I'll miss you stealing bows off the tree at Christmas!

Maggie will miss her wrestling partner...

Ted will miss how you would wag your tail like crazy if he just LOOKED at you.

I will miss your lazy butt propped up on the couch.

I will NOT miss you chewing on my shoes...

Sophia will miss getting into mischief with you... (you sure smelled good that day!)

Sophia will miss your company out at the sandpile.
I will too - you were always watching over her.

So big and handsome!

I will miss you laying your big, warm neck over my feet on the end of the bed every night.

I will miss you following me downstairs every time I went down, no matter what.

I will miss sleeping so soundly when Ted was gone away, knowing you and Maggie made this the safest house in town.

I will miss your big head resting on the edge of the table, looking at the food.

You were so misunderstood. I'm so sorry Diesel.
We will miss you so much.
We love you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bailey Island, Maine

I took the kids on a much needed get away Sunday to Bailey Island.
It was cooler down on the coast, overcast with mist and fog rolling in off the Atlantic.

Don'tcha just love Sophie's swimsuit? It's from LL Bean (Love their guarantee!) and it's so cute on her! It protects her from the sun so wonderfully (UPF 40). I just checked, and they marked them down 1/2 price! There are boys colors too.

The ocean water was COLD. It was probably only 70 degrees air temp, I couldn't dare guess what the water temp was. That didn't stop Noah from spending almost the whole time in the water, though! And of course, Sophia likes to do whatever her 'brudder' is doing...

The gang poses for a picture

And hams it up!

It was pretty foggy, you could hardly see the boats coming in while we were there.

Noah takes Sophia to find sea glass and shells

Look at this rock, Mom!

Cute Buns, or what?

Noah just loves the water!

Sophia digging in the sand/seaweed

Gracie, want to come play here with me? I'll share my toys...
How about NEXT WEEK?

Paige helps Sophie - that's Noah off to the right side of the picture

My beautiful girls

A fish in the water