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Friday, January 2, 2009

Camp Rock's #1 Fan

So sorry I've neglected the blog. I shot this little video tonight, and wanted to share it with you. Sophia is a HUGE Camp Rock fan. She can do the dances in the movie, and sing all the songs. She has numerous articles of Camp Rock clothing, Camp Rock dishes, even Camp Rock chapstick (thanks to Nicole!) Hope you know the songs, or this won't mean a thing to you. The lyrics are posted below; you might want to read them, to help you figure out what she's saying.

Did you notice the new, short haircut? She decided to cut her own hair. Chopped about 3 inches off each side of her face. I took her today to get it fixed, and this is the cut she ended up with. It's totally her, I love it short like that.

I have zero pictures of Christmas, shame on me. I just didn't get out my camera. I did shoot some video though, and might edit that soon and share a bit with you. Never got any Christmas cards out either, sorry about that.

All is well I can assure you; just BUSY. :)

This Is Me lyrics

I've always been the kind of girl, that hid my face

so afraid to tell the world, what I've got to say

But I have this dream, right inside of me

I'm gonna let it show, it's time

to let you know to let you know

(chorus)This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now

gonna let the light shine on me

now I've found who I am, there's no way to hold it in

no more hiding who I wanna be, this is me

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sophie's School Picture

Sophia, Pre-K 2008
Age 4

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your Sophie Fix

Paige put in some piggies (pony tails?) and curled them tonight. Then she took this AWESOME picture of her. Oh, the attitude. This picture makes me smile. She's sporting her Hannah Montana shirt, necklace Paige made her almost a year ago (she's never taken it off), and her nails are painted with polka dots. She's a teenager in training!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack, & Paige is in LOVE!

Yup, I've got internet at home again, so I'll be updating the blog once more. The break was good, as I was spending too much time in blogland. I will be checking out some of my faves... can't wait to catch up.

So... about this love thing. Yup, Paige has it bad. Paige is going to be 15 in a few days. Wow the time has flown.

Let me introduce you to Leroy, Paige's love. Leroy is a 10 month old St Bernard puppy. He's 110 lbs of puppy. He's Paige's Birthday/Christmas present. He's housetrained, puppy clumsy and sweet. He likes to chase guinea hens (did you know we have 13 guinea fowl now?) and is enjoying all the loving he's getting from the kiddos.

Here he is, playing with Maggie. They would take turns crouching and pouncing. He likes to smack Maggie with his big paws, they're as big as my outstretched hand, with my fingers closed. He's going to be one big boy! He and Maggie are getting along very well. They're even sharing a big dog bowl, and Leroy is sharing his toys with Maggie.

Paige and Noah giving Leroy some loving...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sophia & Ted's birthday

Here's Sophia and Daddy, at one of our favorite restaurants, the Ninety Nine (it's a New England thing). Ted thinks Sophie looks like she just stepped off the Partridge Family bus. Sophie still loves her Daddy with all her heart; that hasn't changed a bit.

Sophia is going to pre-k at our local elementary school, 5 days a week in the afternoons. I drop her at school (and then go to work), and she comes home on the regular bus with her big brother Noah. She's just plain big, this girl. She loves pre-k. She gets off at her Nan & Papa's house (w/brother), and stays there till Ted gets out of work (usually just a couple hours).

Ted just turned 41 on Friday, and Sophia turns 4 on the 9th. She's having a 'Camp Rock' party, with mostly family, and a couple friends. She's 4 going on 14. She loves that movie, and sings all the songs. She does all the dances too - I'll have to get the video camera out and get her on video signing at the top of her lungs. It's too cute, if I do say so myself.

Okay, I've been away from blogland for awhile, but that's okay. Things have been busy, and the break has done me good - I was spending much too much time on the computer, getting caught up in everyone's lives. There are a few blogs I miss, and will get back to checking you out very soon, I promise. I do have to cut back, after all, I'm a working woman now! :)
Hope you are all well. Life is good up here in Maine.
p.s. the ground was white with frost this morning... brrrrr! Winter's coming!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm really okay...

I'm alive and well! So sorry I haven't posted for such a long time. Lots going on.

- I started work, full-time.
- Ted & Noah flew to Miami to drive a truck back home.
- We started AWANA.
- Momma guinea hatched 10 baby keets, and 8 are still alive and kicking, in fact they're flying now.
- Sophia's in pre-k, Mon - Friday in the afternoons, she loves it. She rides the bus home with Noah every day, her pre-k is at the elementary school.
- Noah's in 3rd grade.
- Paige is only taking French 3 at the highschool, and is now 'homeschooling' (i.e. independent studies) at home.
- Life is crazy, but very good.

I will post pictures soon, I have been taking them, just don't have time right now to post.

Hope you're all well!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay, I've got you all curious, and I didn't mean to get you crazy like that! The big surprise isn't a pregnancy, adoption, or anything of the sort.

Every year Paige and I drive to NH, get a hotel for a couple nights, and do school shopping. It's a girl thing, and we really enjoy it.

This year, we headed south, but didn't go to NH like Paige thought we were going to do. Instead we drove to the Boston airport, and boarded a plane to Minnesota, to the Mall of America! Woo hoo! We're here, and having a blast. We're headed back to the mall shortly. I totally pulled it off, and she was confused and surprised.

I will post pictures upon my return, and give you the details. I just couldn't keep you guys thinking that it was BIG news, that wouldn't have been fair! It was a big surprise and secret to Paige, and to other people that thought we were just going to NH as usual.

p.s. Midwest airline rocks - they bake and serve warm chocolate chip cookies during the flight! Can you even believe that? Love it!