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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

NOTE: This is the last Christmas post. I just posted 3 different posts, so be sure to scroll down to see them all. It's been a busy week!

Christmas morning, the kids get their stockings, and climb into bed with us to go through them. I love Christmas morning! p.s. Paige did get a stocking, but didn't wish to be photographed first thing in the morning! ;)

Of course this year, we have Diesel & Maggie in the bed, too! Here's Diesel posing with Noah, and the flying, clucking chicken he got in his stocking.

Noah opens his lil box of chocolates, and Diesel leans in for a whiff.

Sophia was the last to wake up, and is still half asleep while opening her stocking.

About lunch time, we went to Nan & Papa's house for a big family dinner, and then presents. After lunch, Sophia fell asleep in her Daddy's arms, for about 2 1/2 hours! She missed all the excitement of opening presents!

Here is Paige with her cousin Carolyn.

When Sophia woke up, she opened her presents.

Noah & his cousin 'E' discuss Noah's present.

I'm not sure what this look was about, but I thought it was too funny not to post!

Noah's Terraniack (sp?) Remote control thingymabob. He loves it.

Sophia bounces on her new trampoline. Go Sophie! This should burn off some energy!

Her cousin 'K' got one too, and here they are having fun bouncing together! (Sophia is 9 months older than 'K'.)

Christmas Eve & Why we don't do Santa

We open all our presents Christmas Eve. We've always done this. We don't do the whole Santa thing, so the kids know where the presents are coming from. They are under the tree for weeks before Christmas.

Why don't we do the Santa thing? For us it's simple. We want our children to know with 100 percent certainty that they can always count on us to tell them the truth. Period. Hey, it works for us. ;)

We started Christmas Eve at my Mother's house. I wish I'd taken more pictures! Here's Sophia opening her favorite gift, her talking Minnie Mouse. We call her Grammie Minnie. She has so many different Minnies, that we need to distinguish one from another. Since she's gotten this one, she takes it everywhere, and leaves the others behind. You can button, zip, snap, tie etc. We had a great time at Grammie's house, opening wonderful gifts and visiting with family, and eating yummy snacks! After we left Mom's, we went home and got ready to open all our presents.

Here is Sophia in front of the tree at home, asking, "Mama, can we please open presents now?"

We opened presents one at a time. Here is Sophia getting excited for Noah about his gift. "That's so cool Noah!" She's such an encourager!

Noah checks out his Transformer.

Sophia opens her Disneyworld snow globe. Every time we go to Disneyworld, we get each kiddo a special snow globe. Since we went in March, there were three snow globes under the tree this year!

Sophia helps Noah open his snow globe of the Incredibles.

Paige's is the wedding globe, with all the princesses and their men. The snow globe is so beautiful. It lights up, plays music and the couples spin around and dance. Those of you who know Paige, might be able to guess why she got this one...

Sophia was so excited to see she got her very own digital camera! I love the look on her face!

She loved it!

Paige is pretty tickled that she got a Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) bobble head!

Sophia opens a present that is bigger than she is! (It's her Disney Princess Couch)

Diesel chews on his new chew toy, and had it in pieces in about five minutes. No, really.

Maggie is such a good girl, she just laid on the couch, relaxed and took it all in.

Here Paige opens her final present. She knew it was a book, from feeling through the paper.

Hmmm... a book about antique and collectible toys. Here she's flipping through the pages, trying to be thankful, and trying to figure out why we would get her such a book.

When she gets to page 103 she figures it out. Her new Ipod Touch is in the middle of the book! I took a craft knife and cut a rectangle just the size to fit her new Ipod, and hid it in the middle of the book! She was over the moon excited, because she didn't think she would be getting one this year. (That's Diesel beside her.)

Noah's favorite thing (next to the racing video game I didn't get a picture of) is this RC ATV.

Sophia now has a make up table just like Paige! It talks and lights up and is very cool. It is now sitting in their room, right beside Paige's make up table.

Sophia's new Disney Princess couch. She's almost too big for it! I had picked this up quite some time ago (on clearance), and had put it downstairs on a shelf. I had forgotten about it, and found it when getting out the Christmas decorations! We probably should have given it to her last year!

What a silly girl! It was the end of the night, and Daddy was lugging the couch upstairs to put in her room, and she wanted to go for a ride. I love the silly face!

There's that beautiful smile!

Paige gets a hug while Sophia checks out her new Ipod.

"So you touch it like this?"

Christmas Eve is over, now we have stockings to open in the morning, and then off to have lunch and more presents at DH's parents house (Nan & Papa's).

Friday, December 28, 2007

December 23rd (Cookies & Presents)

We made sugar cookies from scratch. Here Sophia plays with the left over dough.

Nan & Papa (DH's parents) came over to decorate cookies.

DH is very particular about his cookie decorating - Sophia is in awe of his mad decorating skills.

Of course, eating them is the best part!

Noah takes his cookie decorating very seriously-- he's just like his Dad!

Sophia does it all by herself!

The finished product!

Sophia decorated the most cookies.


Finger licking good!

Paige's cookie is beautiful!

Hey girl, easy on the sprinkles!

Later that evening, we let each of the kids open one present. Sophia opened the present Paige picked out for her.

She loved it, a Disney Mermaid head that you can put make up on, and do her hair!

Noah, (with Maggie's help) opens his gift from Paige. It's a remote control Ford truck, that he has to put together. He loved it!

Paige opens her gift from Sophia, a Red Sox scarf.

Here Noah and Dad read the instructions (can you believe it???) to put together the remote truck.

Dad explains how something works, and Noah pays close attention.

Paige and Sophia are doing Ariel's hair upstairs. This is serious business!

She needs a little lipstick....

These are the Rice Crispy thingies I made for Noah's 'Holiday' Party (can't say Christmas at school, you know... grrrr!) They have Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch in them too, and are very yummy! Let me know if you want the recipe.