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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Isn't this a beautiful tree topper? Yeah, mine used to look just like this. I got it at Mandy's Moon. Now it looks like this:

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See the guilty party looking out the window in the background? This happened when I was sick. DH had taken the kids to see Bee Movie, and I went upstairs to take a nap while I had a quiet house. I heard a noise downstairs, and when I went to check, both pups were laying down, napping too. All was well, or so I thought... When DH and the kids got home, our tree topper was in Diesel's mouth. I think it fell down from the top of the tree when they tried to pull a bow or ornament off. :(

Then there's this:
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Yeah. My new LL Bean boots. Do the dogs have plenty of chew toys you ask? Oh YES. PLENTY. But, I heard a sound... a sound that was different. I got up to see what it was, and found Diesel going to town on my boot. He snagged it from the mud room floor. I had slipped them off and left them to dry, and he just couldn't resist.

So... if you answered boot and tree topper, you were right!


mommy24treasures said...

I am glad you are feeling better... Ugh to the puppies!!!! I know... once I had puppies years ago completely destroy a tree. The pics below of winter are beautiful, thats amazing they are color when they look bw. I would still rather be wherever hubby and Paige are though. 84 sounds nice!:)
Will some conditioner help the tree toppers hair? I am sorry...

crazylady said...

I used to own knee high leather boots. Quelle suprise!
Before I put them in the trash can, they looked like a hawaiian skirt.
Shredded. I feel your pain. Dog pain. said...

Dolly looks a little like Whitney Houston on crack! lol..... Still cute...

BrendaR said...

Oh no!!! The 2 things that you would most not want them to chew!!!! I know how hard you worked to get those boots last year. So sorry!!!

Nicole said...

I won! I won!

secret agent said...

I love this post
I had the same boots once and Chandler ate them

they also ate 2 of my couches.