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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Silly Sophia & Sick Update

I took these pictures back in November. I can't even remember what she was laughing about, I just kept snapping pictures of her. Man, I just love her smile! Oh, and the dimple, too! ;)

SICK UPDATE: Sophia is feeling a bit better today. She hasn't had a fever since late this morning. We spent midnight to 3AM in the ER early this morning. She had a high fever, and woke up yelling and making no sense. The fever was 103.5, and we thought she might be delirious from the fever, it was very out of character for her. We were very worried.

I hated to take her in the night when it was soooo cold (5 degrees), but I bundled her up well, and headed out. We were getting a big storm today with lots of snow, sleet and freezing rain and I didn't want to have to take her out in that later. I was glad they checked her out thoroughly, checking for RSV, strep and something else, I'm not even sure what now. All tests were negative. She was so sick, it was good to know it wasn't something she needed meds for, and wasn't getting.

Are you digging my new Christmas song? It's my second favorite. It's beautiful, especially the chorus. Sit back and have a listen.


kerri said...

Get better sweet girl.
I love the photos, I could almost hear her giggle. :O)
Get better soon, Santa is on his way.

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Sophie! I'm glad you had her checked out. She looks so pittifull in the photo below this post. I just want to cuddle her. I really love this song too. They sing it at church sometimes.

Christy said...

First off, I am glad she is doing a bit better today. That is always such a hard call to take them to ER but when they are totally not themselves-- you have to go with your gut. Glad she is ok.

Second, this is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Breath of HEaven is so beautiful and I always sit back and think what I woudl have done being Mary. What she must have been feeling and thinking. I think this song does a good job with that.

Christy :)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank You Jesus that she is starting to feel better. How scary. I am so glad she is going to be ok!!!! Will be praying.
The pics are priceless of your little beauty.

Lauren and Ed said...

It doesn't get much cuter than that, does it? So sorry you had a scare. You were smart to take her to the er in case you were not able to get out then next day. Glad everything was okay. It can sure be scary when they are so sick.

nikki said...

I love those pictures of Sophia - I was hoping they had been taken today to show us she was all sorry to hear about your middle of the night trip to the ER. (been there, hate that!) I'm glad, though, that it isn't something serious - hopefully she will continue to mend. Give her a big squeeze from Lil.

P.S. I have always LOVED the song you have playing.

Beverly said...

Oh I am so glad everything came back negative but soo sorry you guys were at the ER. HOpe she is feeling much better and better rested soon.


Stacy said...

Glad to read Sophie is better. I am sure that was quite scary!

LOVE the photos!! Her smile is contagious!!!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

LOVE the Amy song!

PLEASE HURRY AND GET ALL BETTER!!! You did the right thing taking her to the ER better safe than sorry!

Jen M. said...

I hope she's better soon!

And those pictures are so wonderful.

crazylady said...

sorry. Had to give the kiddie bugs to someone and well, I was hoping it would be someone less desirable (insert anon spamer) instead of MY beauty here. Glad to see she gave it the boot. That smile.!

crazylady said...

more sobbing over the song tonight

I can't walk and chew gum. I read first then listen.

The Ferrill's said...

Thanks for commenting on my "Clark" tree! :) I have read through some of your blog and I was just cracking up at the Diesel Crocs! Your family is absolutely beautiful! These pics on this post are so so so cute. They just make me grin. I cannot believe all the snow I see in some of your other posts. I would not know what to do! It was 75 degrees here last week! I don't even own a pair of earmuffs!
Have a Merry Christmas!

mommy24treasures said...

oh I am glad it isn't anything serious. Its so tough to see your baby soo sick. I am sorry,

Oh I love those giggles hopefully by the end of the week you will have that happy energetic girl back.

BrendaR said...

I like to see happy Sophie pictures much better than sick Sophie pictures! Glad she's better!

I loved it when Pam sang Breath of Heaven. She poured her heart into it!

Mommy Spice said...

Poor baby. I do hope she's feeling better.

I love that song too!!

The Byrd Family said...

I love "Mary's Song". I often wonder what she must have felt like being told she was going to actually carry God's son! Awesome!!!

So glad she is feeling a little better, I am praying she is well soon.

Steffie B. said...

Glad she is doing all her faces....especially when her little eyes are just slits...."so asian".... ;)

Just gonna sit back drink some coffee and groove a little this morning to your music.....maybe shake my the bobbled with my head....who