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Sunday, December 2, 2007

What's Up?

  • I'm back.

  • I picked up my computer yesterday.

  • Files were corrupted, new external drive is failing.

  • They re-loaded computer with what info they could get (not all), but now I have to put all my software back on (big pain). I'm happy though.

  • Ankle is feeling better. Since I was off my feet for a couple days w/pneumonia & bronchitis, it helped my ankle.

  • Meds are gone, I'm feeling a lot better.

  • Right now DH and oldest girl are in a warm place (84 degrees today), and I woke to 15 degrees. Above pic shows you the storm coming tonight and all day tomorrow. DH is glad he's somewhere warm. We're in the 12-18" range. The snow is so beautiful, I guess it will be a white Christmas.

  • Had to leave church early today, Noah couldn't sit still, and Sophia couldn't be quiet.

  • Christmas tree is up, and pups are eating ornaments and bows from it.

  • Chinese tree topper now has no arms and lantern is gone. (pics to come)

  • Picked up frozen piles of dog poo from lawn before the snow hits. Did you know it doesn't even smell when it's frozen? Pretty cool, eh?

  • I wonder what the pups will think of all the snow that is coming...

  • School will be closed tomorrow.

  • I'm back.


Jewels of My Heart said...

You are so funny! Those bullets were fired from a semi automatic. lol
Your pups and their frozen doo make me laugh.

cougchick said...

that snow prediction looks horrible. We got a ton dumped on us overnight and this afternoon it started raining so it should make for a sloppy mess.

kerri said...

It is presently pouring here near London, it is a sloppy mess, they say snow tomorrow!!

Steffie B. said...

You are so funny....frozen poop huh? Bet you could pack those up and send them out like Tootsies Rolls! Merry Christmas from the Pups! lol

nikki said...

Glad you're back! And feeling better, to boot.

How did you get stuck at home pickin' up frozen poo???

Can't wait to see pics of your tree.

Glad you're back!

Beverly said...

Very pretty pics of the snow. Hate to say it but glad it is you and not me. I get cabin fever really really badly when I am forced to stay at home for any reason.


Sam said...

Well that was a lot to catch up on! LOL!!! Hope you stay safe and warm. I saw the storm on TV and thought about you. I guess this will give you an excuse to cuddle with the kidlets under a warm blanky and watch Christmas shows!!! BTW, my brother and I used to take the frozen dog piles and put them in the center of snowballs. We would throw them at the brats who lived up the street!!!