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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Maggie (who is not a rottweiler) is at the Vet's Today...

Why you ask? Because lately Diesel has been running around the house lighting candles, and putting on Barry White music. Yeah. They're brother and sister, and that's not cool. Diesel doesn't seem to care, though.

I know I've posted quite a bit about our (naughty) Diesel, but not so much about Maggie. Why is this? She's not as naughty! Maggie is soft and sweet, but much more of a fierce protector of the two. We're always saying 'Maggie will be the one that saves us.' Maggie is the first one to bark when someone comes, and run to the porch to alert us, and fend off any potential intruders. Diesel joins her lead.

Maggie is softer than Diesel, and a little plumper, too. When she gets excited, (like when DH gets home), she'll pick up anything in her mouth (toy, paper, etc) and just carry it around in her mouth. When she picks up something she shouldn't and you tell her no, she easily lets you take it (you need a prybar to get it out of Diesel's mouth), or even drops it.

When it's dinner time, she lays in the living room without being told. She's not needy for affection, like Diesel, but she can be a cuddlebug sometimes. Maggie is the sharper of the two pups, but always gets mistaken for a rottweiler (do I have to show you all her papers???) ;)

Funny story. We went through the Wendy's drive through awhile back, and Maggie was perched between the 2 front seats in the minivan, on the console, looking around. When the girl reached out to get my money, Maggie went into 'fierce protector' mode, and scared the girl half to death! I didn't see it coming, but Maggie was protecting me, because the girl was reaching towards me. She didn't try to bite the girl or jump over me to get her, but she meant business by her bark!

So, today she is getting all her woman parts removed, so we don't have one eyed, sideways walking pups (brother and sister mating you know... it could happen...). So, if you want to send up a prayer for my Maggie Moo, it would be appreciated.

P.S. She is Sophia's favorite pup.


Stacy said...

Sending Maggie good thoughts and prayers. She sounds like the PERFECT pup!

Nicole said...

LOVE the mood music! Poor Maggie! We can't wait to meet her this summer. Hope she recovers quickly!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Poor Maggie.... I said a special prayer for her. Please let us know when she is home safely.
I have been praying little Sophia is safe and better. I hope she is.
Now.... Diesel! Barry White is not for adolecents!!! That is grownup stuff.... very mood enhancing..... Back away from the Barry White CD. Don't loose your puppyhood so fast!
(You just crack me up!!!)lol

mommy24treasures said...

awww I am sure she will feel fine tomorrow.
Wierd... my freinds adopted a boy and girl boxer that were siblings and the girl is the one who drove them bananas.

I guess Diesel is becoming a man... you don't want to get him fixed too? I have heard it will calm him down a bit on the destruction.

crazylady said...

woman parts are useless here too

Hmmm gets excited when hubby comes home you say?

Now I'll sing "let's get it on" all afternoon ;)

Beverly said...

She looks very sweet. Hope it all turns out right.


cougchick said...

That music made me crack up!!!!

Debbie said...

poor maggie ! Maggie will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

Christy said...

Poor little thing!! She sounds so much like my Max. He is such a sweet and loving dog and always has to have something in his mouth at all times. When you tell him to drop he does so easily. Our Sadie is a sweety also but she is much more lazy than Max. Gotta love the protector thing. It is so cute how they love us so much-- too cute!!

Christy :)

kerri said...

Maggie Moo, prayers are sent, sweet girl.
Diesel you naughty boy, LOL. *wink*

nikki said...

Hope everything went well with your sweet Maggie!
(and Sophia is back to 100 percent!?)

The Byrd Family said...

Poor Maggie....hope she recovers quickly! Hope Sophia is feeling better too!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

By the way, you'll probably have to "take care" of Diesel too. His "instincts" won't change and I'm guessing that Maggie won't be so appreciative of his advances once her woman parts are gone :)

Christie said...

OMG! I just died laughing at the music!

But seriously - she looks like a doll and I totally get the dog thing - have two - love em like kids - totally part of the family.

Hope all goes well with her surgery - poor little thing!

nikki said...

Just checking in on Maggie... said...

laughing and crying.... poor baby!! you know..she only does what she sees going on in your home.... close the door momma!

secret agent said...

poor Maggie......hope she feels better soon
amazing how stoic dogs are after hysterectomy's.
We could not keep Chelsea confined.

if you had crosseyed pups, they'd fit in around here though
might be a market for intention inbreeding

secret agent said...

also, I hear no music

what's so funny????