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Friday, December 28, 2007

December 23rd (Cookies & Presents)

We made sugar cookies from scratch. Here Sophia plays with the left over dough.

Nan & Papa (DH's parents) came over to decorate cookies.

DH is very particular about his cookie decorating - Sophia is in awe of his mad decorating skills.

Of course, eating them is the best part!

Noah takes his cookie decorating very seriously-- he's just like his Dad!

Sophia does it all by herself!

The finished product!

Sophia decorated the most cookies.


Finger licking good!

Paige's cookie is beautiful!

Hey girl, easy on the sprinkles!

Later that evening, we let each of the kids open one present. Sophia opened the present Paige picked out for her.

She loved it, a Disney Mermaid head that you can put make up on, and do her hair!

Noah, (with Maggie's help) opens his gift from Paige. It's a remote control Ford truck, that he has to put together. He loved it!

Paige opens her gift from Sophia, a Red Sox scarf.

Here Noah and Dad read the instructions (can you believe it???) to put together the remote truck.

Dad explains how something works, and Noah pays close attention.

Paige and Sophia are doing Ariel's hair upstairs. This is serious business!

She needs a little lipstick....

These are the Rice Crispy thingies I made for Noah's 'Holiday' Party (can't say Christmas at school, you know... grrrr!) They have Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch in them too, and are very yummy! Let me know if you want the recipe.

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mommy24treasures said...

these are GREAT! Wow Paige can really decorate!
Maybe now Sophia will put makeup on the Ariel instead of herself!