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Friday, June 29, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Sharing secrets

Sharing crackers

"Here Daddy, have a bite!"

"My Daddy is so funny..."

Daddy's Girl (w/crackers in her teeth)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

& Diesel Makes Seven...

You know how we just got Maggie a few weeks ago? When we picked Miss Maggie, we had a hard time choosing. We really liked her brindle brother, too. But TWO PUPPIES? That would be crazy...

Well here's a newsflash for you... WE'RE CRAZY!!! We picked him up tonight. Isn't he a handsome, big boy?

Here is Diesel. Paige is holding him. Isn't he adorable?

Diesel, 12 weeks old

Maggie & Diesel playing on the front lawn. They wrestled so hard, but they were having fun!

They tumbled all over each other, and used their teeth to nibble on each other. They've gotten along rather well, with only a couple serious scuffles and growls.

Diesel is a few pounds (I'm guessing) bigger than Maggie. He's a sweet boy, and has done well thus far. He's in sleeping w/Paige tonight. We thought we'd better separate them some, so we can get some sleep around here! We're not allowing them to 'play' in the house. That rough play is for outside!

Sister & Brother

Dad & Sophia working while the pups were playing. Notice Sophia's small wheelbarrow! It was hot today, and after I snapped this one and put the camera away, Dad took his shirt off, and Sophia had to take hers off too! Then Sophia said to me, 'Mama, you go get your camera!' Oh yes, she knows how it works!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Sandpile

Sophia, Noah & Maggie just love the sandpile out behind the house. Here Maggie gets in on the digging action!

She wasn't eating the sand, just digging and rooting.

Noah & Sophia pretend to dig like Maggie.

Ooooh these bricks are heavy!

She's so strong!

"Here Noah!"

Noah loads them in his dump truck

I think he's exceeded the weight limit!

Sophia loves the shovel (notice the snazzy jewelry, she's not a total tomboy...)

Uses her foot to push just like big brother

Noah sends the dump truck over the hill - CRASH!

Sophia works to fill her dump truck

Maggie was getting after an ant on the sand pile, she would pounce on it!

"For you Mama!"

Maggie's 12 weeks now, and we can see how much she's grown in just a few weeks!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sophie 'Supah Stah'!

I took these pictures the first or second day of Sophia's potty training. Sophia was being a ham, posing for pictures. She was pointing at the sticker reward chart, showing off all her hard earned stickers. It's been a couple of weeks now, and after the first 3 or 4 days, she isn't interested in the sticker chart at all. I love this little outfit on her!

One of America's Best Selling Cars

Noah's such a great big brother, pushing Sophia all over the front lawn. Look how fast he's going, her hair is blowing!

The grin on her face says it all! Slow down Noah...

UH OH! Noah quickly puts the car back up on four wheels...

It's all good! Ready to go again!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's in YOUR bag?

I've been tagged by SAM, to post what's in my diaper bag/purse. I don't use a diaper bag (never have), so here's the purse and purse contents!

The purse I got at TJMaxx (love that store!) by MAE & J. It's leather, and so soft and supple!

I also have to tag 3 more, so how about:

p.s. I don't keep my extra camera batteries in my purse, but my camera bag. ;)

1 - Cellphone
1 - wallet w/checkbook, cards etc
1 - Vanilla Hand lotion from B&BW
1 - Baume De Jardinier hand lotion
1 - Pkg glasses cleaners
1 - Coupon organizer
1 - Dental Floss
2 - Sharpie pens
2 - Olive Garden Mints
1 - Small Tape Measure
1 - Mary Kay compact
2 - Mary Kay lipsticks
1 - Lobster handy wipe
1 - Green Tea Gum
Misc coins
Misc receipts

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hammock Chair

We have a swing hanging in our upstairs office. You can sit in it, relax, watch a little TV, hang out with me while I blog... Sophia has other plans for it. She loves to lean into it with her elbows, and press her face into the netting. Then she'll push off with her feet, and swing in it.

It's a great swing. The first year Sophia was home she woke numerous times a night, and I would bring her in and gently swing her to calm her back down. It's bolted securely into the beam in the ceiling, so even DH can pile in with a kid or two.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The End of 1st Grade...

Here is Noah with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs "R". She's not a 'little person', she's kneeling down beside him at the bowling alley. At the end of last week they went on a field trip to the ice skating rink & bowling alley. He finished 1st grade Monday, he's officially a 2nd grader now! Here's an interesting note: Noah's 1st grade teacher, was also DH's teacher in elementary school! Can you believe it, father and son having the same teacher?

He didn't fall down, just wanted to watch the ball go down the alley. Maybe he was trying to make it move in the right spot with his mind...

Noah & some of his school friends. It was fun to see the boys bowling, vs the girls bowling. When the girls would bowl they'd cheer each other on, and kind of bounce in place with excitement, maybe dance a little. When one of the boys would bowl, they would often turn around and pick up one of the other boys. Oh, the testosterone was flowing at the bowling alley...