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Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Photo Challenge: Strollers

Today's DOUBLE HAPPINESS Friday Foto Fun Challenge was strollers.

Sophia & Noah at the Animal Kingdom in March of 2007.

Sophia pushing her Minnie Mouse in her play stroller.

Sophia deciding it looks fun enough to ride in! Don't mind her hair... Paige and her cousin Carolyn were playing with her, and they did her hair. Where the top to her pj's went, I just don't know!

Sophia really doesn't ride in a stroller. We carried her everywhere in China to promote attachment. Once in a blue moon she'll ride in THE URBAN ADVANTAGE at the mall. I really like it, it's small enough to maneuver around the aisles of a small store, but it's got a big basket, and will work for trail walking. It looks like a big jogging stroller, but it's not. Many people have stopped me at the mall and asked me where I got it, I guess it was just what they were looking for. When I ordered mine (directly from Go Go Babyz) I got a free rain cover. I would HIGHLY recommend this stroller!

When we go shopping, she almost always walks around. It also helps that she's usually wearing her squeaky shoes! When I'm pushing a full cart to the parking lot, she'll hold onto my shirt, and won't let go. She's a great listener, and doesn't ever wander away. Shopping is fun with her.

3 comments: said...

Alright lady how the heck did you train her to listne?!?!?! ha ha.... She is so stinkin cute... Love the big stroller too.


mommy24treasures said...

thats great that Sophia is such a good listener and walks well shopping. Caitlyn is not the best shopper. I used to take Jacob and Chloe all the time as babies through toddlerhood; but I often wonder if I could handle 2 Caitlyn's in a store.

tegdirb92 said...

Sophia is so adorable. I had to laugh at your post about the face powder. She reminds me of our Chloe. And that time out face was so sad yet adorable. Great stroller pics