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Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's in YOUR bag?

I've been tagged by SAM, to post what's in my diaper bag/purse. I don't use a diaper bag (never have), so here's the purse and purse contents!

The purse I got at TJMaxx (love that store!) by MAE & J. It's leather, and so soft and supple!

I also have to tag 3 more, so how about:

p.s. I don't keep my extra camera batteries in my purse, but my camera bag. ;)

1 - Cellphone
1 - wallet w/checkbook, cards etc
1 - Vanilla Hand lotion from B&BW
1 - Baume De Jardinier hand lotion
1 - Pkg glasses cleaners
1 - Coupon organizer
1 - Dental Floss
2 - Sharpie pens
2 - Olive Garden Mints
1 - Small Tape Measure
1 - Mary Kay compact
2 - Mary Kay lipsticks
1 - Lobster handy wipe
1 - Green Tea Gum
Misc coins
Misc receipts


Princess Diaries said...
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Princess Diaries said...

You are so brave to post the contents of your purse! Great bag by the way. Two of our children are very close in age. Miya is 20 months and Alexis is 8.

secret agent said...

may I recommend eyebrow tweezers for the purse...
something about sitting in the car and the sunlight... easy to spot strays and if you happen to have the tweezers in the purse... life is grand.

I too have a tape measurer... it's great.

Holly said...

That purse is so cute.

crazylady said...

Now that purse has some buckle action happening. How rowdy of you. said...

What are you doing with the tape measure?! No, wait... don't tell me....

BrendaR said...

Well, now that I've been tagged, I will have to think about cleaning out my purse! haha There may be stray gum wrappers, check stubs, etc.... Will probably have to get to it sometime after the weekend, but will surely do it!

Nicky said...

I had a cell phone that looked just like yours..... But then it sorta got broken..... ;-) I'm not aways good wiuth that kinda stuff.

SHELLY said...

Two lotions, you must be a good smellin' mom! The bag was super cute and I want one. Bag envy.

Headmeister said...

I also have to tell you that I LOVE your bag, and I love TJ Maxx too for the very same reason - great bags at half the price!

And I agree with Secret Agent - I always keep tweezers with me too because it's soooo much easier to pluck in the light of day. I may look bizarre sitting in the parking lot tweezing my eyebrows, but hey, it's a small price to pay for

redmaryjanes said...

Love that purse! I'm a big TJ Maxx fan myself. Great contents, you have some cooler stuff in there than I do.