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Saturday, June 9, 2007

She's doing it!!!

We started potty training today. Sophia is 32 months old, and I told her when this package of diapers was gone, she would go on the potty.

On a side note... Don't you just love it when people talk about how old their kiddos are in MONTHS? (I did that just to torture you). That's fine when they're under one, but then let it go! I had someone in an elevator the other day say their daughter was 27 months. How about
she turned two in March? Okay, done with my rant, back to my original post.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in a rush to train her. I was going to wait until she was three, and then do it quickly and easily. But, lately she's all about 'me do it!', so it seems the time is right! We've had a potty for her sitting in the bathroom, but she has refused to sit on it without a diaper. I felt like if I kept putting a diaper on her, she would NEVER want to do it!

Here she is on her potty! I held my breath as I suggested she put on her cotton underwear this morning. Lately her favorite word is "NO!", and I expected to hear it. She happily put them on, and has sat on the potty chair many times. No pull-ups for us, just the cotton training underwear (thicker in the crotch). At nap and bed we will use the pull-ups, and call them 'night-time underwear'. As soon as she wakes up, we'll go back to the cotton ones.

Sophia sits again, with Noah's gameboy! She's had a few accidents, and one success so far this morning. It's as though she just doesn't know yet when the pee is going to come, and it catches her by surprise. She finds out real quick, though! When she was wearing a diaper, it didn't bother her to be wet, but with the cotton undies, she's very uncomfortable very quickly.

Maggie stops by to see what's going on.
Or... was Sophia reading a Dora book to her?


jail diet said...

Your daughter is super beautiful.

Okay. Let me explain my latest craze. Ever since I made a few blankets for the Chinese orphanage at the beginning of the month, I've been seeing photos of adorable Chinese babies. While my husband and I are deciding if we want children at all (not for a few more years at least) I told him that I want to adopt because it's politically empowering (among other things). But, we go back and forth. To make a long story short, I've seen more Chinese adopted babies and read more blogs about Chinese adopted babies than I ever have in my life. They are haunting me with their adorableness!

What a fun blog it would be to read this to give me better insight into her emersion into your family.

This will be fun.

mommy24treasures said...

Very cute.:)
She got the NICE potty! Does it flush??
We have the cheap baby bjorne ones... Caitlyn likes to use the grown up one, most of the time unless we are in the car or by the pool.

mexican chopsticks said...

How cute that she has her books on the side of her potty.
I think the accidents are because she forgets she is no longer wearing diapers and I am sure she knows when she needs to go, the thing is that she is not use to having to worry about it.

Don't they just look cute sitting on the potty? I was "poop free" for two months with Emma when she was 15 and 16 months old. She went to the potty! But now she is back on being a little girl!!

I think about saying "months" for their age is OK but until they are 23 months old. It's just easier to say but for someone to say my kid is 24 months instead of 2 years old just doesn't sound good. Oh well that's just me.

Now you take great photos of all your kids!

Becky said...

Well, if I had started here I would have known that Sophia is 32 months old! ha ha... I'm reading blog backasswards. Anyhoots, a friend of mine told me that when she potty trained her little girl many years ago she too did the cotton panties as she felt the pull-ups were more like a diaper. Meaning if her daughter didn't know she was wet she wouldn't get the picture. She did exactly what you're doing. She even *gasp* left her little girl in a poo-poo diaper one time to send the message that she needed to tell mommy when she had to go. Worked! The kid never poo'd in panties again... You're doing everything right. Rony