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Monday, July 14, 2008

What I'm up to...



Friends from Alabama are arriving today, to spend the week with us. They are dear friends we made on our trip to China. They've never been to Maine, so we'll be heading to the ocean, eating 'lob-stah', and going on a puffin cruise. I probably won't have time to check up on all my favorite blogs, or post. Check back next week to see all the fun we had this week!

This should take our minds off missing Diesel. Ted called to check on him last night (he's at the dog trainer's being kenneled, trained and then placed). He's not doing well at all. I feel sick to my stomach. We've got two weeks to place him, then the trainer is going back to Boston. He said we can leave him there (in an outside kennel, ALONE), and just go feed him every few days. What are we going to do if he isn't placed??? Diesel is so 'needy' and loves and needs to be made of and petted. He's alone in a kennel. This is so wrong. Maggie is moping around the house, and ate for the first time since Diesel left (Saturday morning) on Sunday night. We've been busy getting the house ready for company, and that has been helpful.

Here's to a new week with friends! :)


mommy24treasures said...

oh you guys have fun!!!!!!!
Try to not stress,though I know its hard. I pray he gets a home.
Love and hugs

2China4Ayla said...

I am so sad for you and for Diesel. Is there no changing this? After the training? I just hate it for all of you!!!!! Poor Diesel, my furr babies would be a bundle of nerves - I will pray something works out that gives you peace and will make Diesel happy.

Kayce said...

I'm so sorry about Diesel. Have you guys looked into a breed rescue to help place him? The rescues are so wonderful, we just got a rescue and they "matched" us perfectly with a dog. I'm thinking good thoughts for Diesel and all of you too!

Sam said...

((((((HUGS)))))) Sorry about Diesel. Hang in there and think positive.

Have a wonderful time with your friends!!!

Beverly said...

Totally making me cry here.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Sounds fabulous... I am so glad for you... enjoy!