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Monday, July 7, 2008

Bailey Island, Maine

I took the kids on a much needed get away Sunday to Bailey Island.
It was cooler down on the coast, overcast with mist and fog rolling in off the Atlantic.

Don'tcha just love Sophie's swimsuit? It's from LL Bean (Love their guarantee!) and it's so cute on her! It protects her from the sun so wonderfully (UPF 40). I just checked, and they marked them down 1/2 price! There are boys colors too.

The ocean water was COLD. It was probably only 70 degrees air temp, I couldn't dare guess what the water temp was. That didn't stop Noah from spending almost the whole time in the water, though! And of course, Sophia likes to do whatever her 'brudder' is doing...

The gang poses for a picture

And hams it up!

It was pretty foggy, you could hardly see the boats coming in while we were there.

Noah takes Sophia to find sea glass and shells

Look at this rock, Mom!

Cute Buns, or what?

Noah just loves the water!

Sophia digging in the sand/seaweed

Gracie, want to come play here with me? I'll share my toys...
How about NEXT WEEK?

Paige helps Sophie - that's Noah off to the right side of the picture

My beautiful girls

A fish in the water


Kayce said...

Looks like a wonderful time, I love all the smiles!

Sam said...

*sigh* I love Maine! Wish we lived closer!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. A good way to relax and enjoy the kiddos.

Nicole said...

Sophie, I will share my toys when we get there. I will show you how to do flips. i like your necklace. i will see you soon.

Lauren and Ed said...

Wow, what a spectacular view. It is just breathtaking. Looks like your three kiddos had a blast. They are all adorable!

kerri said...

What a wonderful time, gorgeous pictures!1
Thinking about you, hope your doing ok?

Jewels of My Heart said...

What beautiful pictures of a wonderful time... I am so glad you enjoyed yourselves.