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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 2

Today was a busy day. We started out at the ER for Harrison, then went to Shaw's for lobster. Next was the puffin cruise. After the puffin cruise we went to Pemaquid Point until it was dusk. Go to NICOLE'S BLOG to read more details, and see more pictures. She's much better at posting details than I am!

The view of the lighthouse from the rocks, Pemaquid Point, Maine

The girls watching the waves crashing against the rocks

Paige grabs the moon

Pemaquid Point, Maine. This is what was making Nicole a little nervous... Be careful guys!

"Ted, you want me to put my finger WHERE?"

When we got off the Puffin boat, Sophia was complaining about the 'fishy' smell. It is a working dock, where they unload the lobster boats, and it was pretty stinky. This is what Sophia does when she smells something stinky. She didn't remove her fingers from her nose until we left the area.

I love this picture. This was at Shaw's, and Sophia was sitting on her Daddy's lap. Gracie came over and gave him a hug, and Sophia grabbed him just a little tighter. I guess she didn't want Gracie to forget whose Daddy he was! :)


Nicole said...

Oh, the fun we had! I almost posted about Sophie staking her claim, but thought you might want to. So sweet and what a great "nose-plugger" she is!

kerri said...

Fabulous pictures, Maine is somewhere our family plans to visit. Your photos show me that we are in for such a great trip.

Allison said...

Hi Christine! It's Mia's Mom Allison from the 4th of July at my Mom and Dad's house in Whitefield. I love your blog! It looks like you had a great time with your friends! Even though you all are having a hard time with Diesel, what a great Family he has been given to go through this rough time with! We are in Germany and our Blog address is: It was great meeting you and Mia says "hi" to Sophia!!!

nikki said...

Wonderful pictures...looks like it was a fabulous trip.
I have always wanted to go to Maine - maybe someday!?

Lauren and Ed said...

Wow, that view is spectacular. I would love to visit there one is just breathtaking. Love the picture of Sophia on the porch...she just radiates happiness!