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Monday, July 28, 2008

Alabama to Maine... Day 1 & 2

Okay, if you're anything like me, it's all about the pictures. I'll put those first, and then you can read the (boring) details! Go see NICOLE'S BLOG, she's got even better photos and comments from the trip. I picked a few different pictures that I liked also.

Isn't this boy so handsome???
It was hard to believe he wasn't feeling well with a fever, he was so good natured!

The girls in their matching dresses, holding hands walking back from the water to their Daddies.

Noah shows Gracie a hermit crab he found in the ocean


We had been anxiously awaiting the day they would arrive. I cleaned parts of the house that hadn't been cleaned in awhile. I baked a cheesecake. I stocked the fridge with their favorite beverages. I was simmering a home-made spaghetti sauce when I got the call. It was DH. He was heading back from the Boston airport with Harry, Nicole, Gracie and Harrison. He broke down in the minivan in New Hampshire on the way home with them. They pushed it off the highway (wish I had a picture of that!) and he asked me to head south to rescue them. They were 1 1/2 hours away. I borrowed the in-law's minivan, (loaded with an alternator and tools) and headed south. I chuckled, as this was quite a way to welcome our guests.

Gracie is Sophia's friend from China. They lived in the same orphanage, and were born only days apart. I cannot even explain the bond we have with this family. We didn't know them before the adoption, but they feel so much like family to us. They're almost as crazy as we are I guess! ;)

After I arrived in NH, DH threw the new part on the minivan, and we were good to go. We made the rest of the trek home to Maine, and showed our guests to their fancy guest room. Okay, it's not a fancy guest room at all. We booted um... I mean Paige was willing to give up her room covered in Nick Jonas posters. We introduced them to Maggie (remember, Diesel went to the kennel). Harry did well not to engage in eye contact with Maggie (very important as she was trying, as if to say, 'come on, just give me a reason...') After a solid day, Harry earned Maggie's trust, and was able to pet her and make of her. Oh happy day.

That first night we sat on the porch and enjoyed just chatting. As I recall Nicole needed a blanket to cover up with, or was that the next morning? I guess her blood is thin from all that Alabama heat.

The next morning Ted was working, and we just took our time getting up and getting going. Harry played a few video games with Noah with the Wii, and we sat on the porch some more. It was so nice and relaxing not to have to rush out of the house to get somewhere.

When Ted got back, we headed to the Seadog Brewing Company in Brunswick, for lunch. It was a neat place, right on the river. They did have a beer sampler (even blueberry flavored!) but I don't think anyone enjoyed them. When all was said and done, the beer sampler was still full. The meal was good, and we headed to Bailey Island. It was nice and relaxing, and shopping at the gift shop was fun. I found out Harry is pretty particular about the rocks he collects, and the ones I found were never good enough for him. Nicole had fun finding sea glass. Turns out she could have just bought some in the gift shop, but finding it on your own is much more fun! We came back to the house for the spaghetti dinner that was supposed to be the previous night. We stuffed ourselves silly, and then sat on the porch to let it digest. Good times.

You should go see Nicole's blog CLICK HERE, she's also posting about their adventures here in Maine.

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Nicole said...

Oh, the cheesecake!!! It DOES feel like family! Does that make us the crazy redneck relatives twice removed that never get invited to the reunions?! ;-) Harry sure was proud when he won Maggie over. Good times! OK, I'm ready for day number 2