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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Look Mom, it's Noah's bus!

The weather's getting warmer, and the grass is finally
turning green. Sophia and I walked to the end of the
dirt road today to meet Noah as he got off the bus.

Sophia is always so excited to see Noah when he gets
home from school. Notice she has her 'camera' in her
hand. I was bringing mine, so she had to bring hers!

Brother + Sister = Love

Special thanks to Bridget for coloring the bus in
picture #2! You're so clever!


Bridget said...

I love the last pic of them holding hands!!!! That is WAY too cute!! Glad you liked the picture and can't wait to hear how your PhotoShop works! Love, Bridge

Stacy said...

I thought the bus picture was my favorite, then I got to the last one. That is the greatest!

Beckyb said...

Those are great pics - I love that older brother/little sister thing - makes me teary everytime!!!

Maddenclan said...

Love these pictures--love the effect of the yellow bus. Thanks for commenting on my blog--they are similar--especially that top picture of your daughter. My daughter has the exact same jacket:)
Love the holding hands:)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. The one with the colored bus is awesome. Love, Mom

LaLa said... cute!! Great photos mom! I am the oldest and my mom said my little sister cried the entire first week I was in Kindergarten..really, b/c we fought when I was home LOL
You are right, Annslee and Sophia do look a little alike..I will have to read up on your blog to find out where she is from. said...

Awwww, I love the pix of them holding hands. Hopefully they will always be close friends. So special.


Jeff and Valerie said...

My gosh what sweet siblings they are! You lucky mom you!