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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Ending

It sure was hot yesterday! At 7pm it was still 91 degrees. That is HOT for Maine!

We dug out the new waterside I got on clearance (Oh, I just LOVE getting a deal!) at the end of season last year. When I got it, I took it to my Mom's house, to hide it until we were ready for it. I also love surprising the kids! My brother-in-law (thanks!) brought it over from my Mom's. Noah saw the box, and was bouncing with excitement. I had my camera ready.. He cut the box open... to reveal a NASTY, USED, CUT UP SLIDE. Oh my goodness! Talk about surprised! The box was sealed up perfectly, as thought it had never been opened, I never suspected a problem!

I called the Walmart store I bought it from last fall, and talked to the store manager. He said he would make it right. Refund, exchange... discount... They only had one water slide in the store, and I loaded the nasty, cut up thing in the van and headed. (You'll be proud of me, I located my receipt dated back in September of last year in under 3 minutes!) The slide they had wasn't as nice as the one I had bought last fall. I was discussing with the associate that I would take it, but not as an even trade, as they weren't comparable in size or price.

Then the assistant manager shows up at the customer service desk with a banged up box, of the newer version of the slide I bought last year. It was out back. We opened it up right there (oh, I learned my lesson!) and it was perfect, in it's bag, sealed up. Looks like the box had been dropped off the truck, but no worries. They even exchanged it, with a smile.

Came home, Ted set it up, cousins Ben & Carolyn came over, and here's a sampling of the fun that was had. The water was oh so cold, as it was coming right out of the well. The looks on their faces is the shock from the cold water! Sophia giggled and cheered, but wanted nothing to do with the cold water. She did take pictures of the fun, with Auntie Brenda.

Happy Ending!


Holly said...

That looks like a very fun slide. I like how you did the pictures in a collage. Very neat.

nikki said...

Good for you for finding the receipt -- I would've been SOL.

Looks like a slip slidin' good time! I wanna come over and play.