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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sophie drops 'Awe Love'

Sophia has a blanket, that she's rather fond of. She calls it 'Awe Love'. When I put her down for her nap, or when she goes to bed at night, she must have it with her. Other than that, she'll take it or leave it. When we go somewhere I'll ask her if she wants to bring it, and she'll most always reply, "Love Love stay home". No problem. When she's watching TV, she might hold it, or cover up with it. It's made out of cotton, so it's soft and cool to the touch.

When she goes to bed, she plays a little game with it. She'll lay down, and I'll cover her with her 'Awe Love', then her Wiggles blanket. We say goodnight, and I leave the room. A couple of minutes pass, and she calls me back. "Me drop Love Love", she says. I tell her to go ahead, and she smiles, and drops her blanket to the floor. She's still smiling. I pick it up, give her a hug and kiss, and cover her again. She goes to sleep. Isn't that little ritual funny? Almost every day at nap, and at night it's the same routine.


Anonymous said...

Cute. Good that she doesn't keep repeating the process. Love, Mom

BrendaR said...

Sounds like she's outgrowing her blankie a bit. Remember the day she left it at our house? It could've been nasty at naptime! haha

nikki said...

I love it!
They are so comforted by the simple routines of life!

NIcky said...

aww thats soo cute!!!!

Steffie B. said...

Too Sophia has a blankie too....and she love Little Mermaid! ;)

Anonymous said...

i and my wife love sophia's video so much. bless you and your family! thank you great man to give the little girl a new life.

a chinese couple

Bridget said...

Before I comment on this post...I have to let you know that I have chosen you as one of my favorites for a "THINKING BLOGGER AWARD". Make sure to check out my site and read what I wrote about you!

Ok... now on to my comment...hehe

Evan has his "Ba-Ba"... his favorite blue fleece blanket!! When I get ready to nurse him at night he needs to be cuddled with his "Ba-Ba" around him. Then sometimes after I tuck him I hear "Ba-Ba!!! Mum!! Ba-Ba! Momeeee! Ba-Ba!!!" No game here...that means he's dropped it and I have to walk BACK upstairs to get it off the floor!! haha
I am just loving the "Awe Love" and "Love Love"... that is the cutest name for a blankie I have ever heard!! My niece always called hers "Sa-shee" because that is just how she tried to say "Blankie" when she was a wee thing!!! (she is now 12! But all her 4 siblings have had a "sa-shee" because of her!)
Make sure to go read my post! Love, Bridge

Tracy said...

Very cute! At bedtime, Hannah has to do a "high five" with me before she kisses me goodnight! -Tracy

Lisa said...

Hi Kristine,
I saw your comment on my blog. Of course I had to drop in and see your cutie! She is precious!