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Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday

Sophia, Paige & Noah, Easter Sunday


Handsome Noah

Sophia before church


Jellybeans are yummy!

A chicken in my easter basket? How silly!

After church we had lunch at a friend's house. Here are Vanessa, Paige & Nicky

Sophia likes Lorene's cooking!

Sophia missed her nap with all the excitement, and fell asleep on the way home. She only slept about 10 minutes at the most, and woke up when I carried her in the house. She wanted to lay like this (covered by her blankie) with her favorite 'Minnie Mouse'. I hoped she'd fall back asleep, but not a chance. We're so blessed, even when she's tired, she's not very often a grumpy girl. She was in great spirits tonight, and finally conked out for the night about 9 PM as usual.

I have to apologize for so many pictures, I just couldn't help myself! I didn't realize there were so many I wanted to put on, I should have made a slide show. Maybe next time!


Sam said...

There's no such thing as too many photos!!!! Loved them all! So glad you had a happy day!

Jamie and Angela said...

What a lovely family you have, your kids are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Yes I loved Lorne's cooking to as Sophie did!!!!!! I loved all the pictures..... Thank you for posting the one with me vanessa and Paige in it!!!!! I love it, except I wasn't really expecting a picture so my smile came out crapopy O WELL!!!!


nikki said...

Loved all the pictures.
What a beautiful family. Glad you had such a good day!

Bridget said...

OK...I can't take so much cuteness all at once!! Stop the madness!! haha They all looked GREAT!!!
And I have to say...I have never gotten a rubber chicken for Easter and now I am pretty darn envious of Sophia. That is way too cool!!! And since I am reading this blog at 7:20AM and am starving... I think I might drive over to Lorene's house and have her make me something to eat!!!
Thanks for sharing all the pix and YES we'll see you Friday!! (It's wierd having a "no club" week... throws it all off and we miss it!!)
Love, Bridge

Mary said...

ALL the pictures are WONDERFUL!!!
I love the Journey, and can't wait for my sister Elizabeth to get started on her journey. (After the paperwork part that is...)
Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated.

Dianne said...

Thanks for your comment, just found your blog. Sophia is simply stunning and looks like such a delightful little girl! Love that contagous smile.
Thanks for sharing,

BrendaR said...

What cute nieces and handsome nephew I have! I love the photos!

mexican chopsticks said...

Apologize? You can never post too many photos!
Love them all!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures, beautiful girls and a handsome young man. Mom

Beckyb said...

They are all beautiful -you are blessed!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are terrific and your children are absolutely beautiful!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are terrific and your children are absolutely beautiful!