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Friday, April 20, 2007


This isn't my usual post. No picture of Sophia, just frustration here. I just found out there is a gunman at the store I shopped at this afternoon. Right now as I type this, he's in the store. Not much more info yet, the news crews haven't arrived yet. Many people evacuated, there are still people inside.

Sophia and I were in that store late this afternoon. To top things off, it wouldn't be out of character for me to run up to this store in the evening, to grab a few things, so I wouldn't have to make a trip tomorrow. I do that often.

A gunman. I feel sick. I wonder what I would have done if it had happened just a few hours earlier, and Sophie and I were there. I guess we would have hidden... could I have kept Sophia quiet enough, so that we wouldn't have been discovered? Or could we have escaped? We would have been sitting ducks. I hate being a sitting duck. I've just downloaded a concealed weapons permit. Will I turn it in? I don't know. At least I wouldn't be a sitting duck. What a crazy world we live in. I'll watch the 11pm news to see how this turns out.

How I'm seeing this is that plenty of bad guys, scumbags, etc get guns (legally or illegally). If more of us law abiding citizens carried a weapon (legally of course!), we could help. If a professor at VT had a weapon, so many people probably wouldn't have died. Someone could have stepped in and stopped that guy before it became a massacre. They were sitting ducks.

Would I want to shoot someone? NO. Would I do it if I had to? Yes. Would I shoot a man to save 32 people? You bet.

Sorry these thoughts are so random, things like this aren't suppose to happen here! It's just too close to home. We're in New England. I live in a town with less than 3,000 people. I don't want to be a sitting duck. :(


Nicole said...

Well it all turned out okay.... The man asked the out because people to get out because he had a gun. Lol, Ii was laughing so hard this morning when I heard that he didn't shoot anyone and he demanded food and drinks, but this is the funny part, HE PAYED FOR THE STUFF!!!!!! I would think that you and Sophia would have been some of the smarter people and left the building when they the man told everyone to get our because he had a gun. Well, I am gladded he didn't shoot anyone and I am happy that he's going to jail... ( He is prbley leggalloy insane though!!!). Well got to go my sisters friends baby just fell asleep!!!! I love you and your family!!!! said...

What a near miss. Sometimes it takes these kinds of events to give us a little rock to our world. Glad you and Sophia were out of harms way.

Anonymous said...

WOW I would probably be freakin out. Just a little. So glad ya'll were safely at home by then, and that you didn't go to pick a few things up ;)