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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

7 P's Post

I've been tagged by Secret Agent, to do a 7 - P's meme. Here's my shot at it.

Pre-menstrual - Nuf said.

Puppies - I've got two, and they're pretty cute. They'll be 5 months the first of September.

Pretty - My two girls.

Popcorn - with extra butter when we go to the movies. The big bucket, that you get a free refill with. We dump what's left 1/2 way through the movie and go and get MORE fresh, hot, buttered popcorn. Who wants cold popcorn when you've paid $10 for it???

Pee - What happens when my boy sleepwalks. In odd places, sometimes. Oh the stories I could tell!

Paige - (Warning... brag alert!) Is going to be a freshman next week. Got her state school assessment results today in the mail, we're so proud of her! She totally kicked tush, exceeding the standards all over the place. Math was her best subject. For example, under mathematical decision making, she scored an 8 out of possible 8, while the average score in her school was 3.2, average in the district was 3.5, and average in the state was 4.2! WTG Paige!!! She looks so much like her Daddy, I'm thinking the brains must have come from ME!!

Poop - 'Me pooped a big one on the side of the road', said Sophia on the way back from NH (see previous post)

Wow, can you believe I got to 7 so quickly? Easier than I thought. I'm tagging Brenda R. Yup, just one. I'm such a rebel, aren't I? I'm not sure who's already been tagged, and this will make it easy!


Ms. Dragonfly said...

I love this song....
glad you showed us all your PP

crazylady said...

bragging rights well deserved.

A math wizard? She may end up just like me! Go Paige (head moving like a turkey) Go Paige.

I'm glad 'p0rn' didn't show up in the list.

secret agent said...

good PP's!

pre menstrual seems to be a thing of my PAST
ripe old age of 37 and it's gone bye bye.
Once I stop feeling like an 80 year old.... I'll go do the happy dance

Jen M. said...

You have such beautiful kids!

BrendaR said...

Well, I will have to really think about this one! 7 p's!

Great job, Paige! I just read in the paper that particular school district has been scoring under our state's average in math and science! Guess those 1st few years of homeschooling gave her a big boost!!!! lol!!! Maybe Math U See will do that for us, too!

I'm thinking.....hmmmm...7 p's!

Anonymous said...

You must be very proud of Paige, I know I am. Way to go Paige. Mom

nikki said...

Great p's. (xcept for the first one...sorry!)

Yes, your girls are sooo pretty.
And way to go, Paige! That is great. said...

I love Sophia's "me pooped on the side of the road"!