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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goodbye my Friend... (sniff... sniff...)


I'm ready to be a quitter.

Did you know I love chocolate? Yeah. Too much, in fact. Tonight is my final indulgence. The last bag of hershey hugs I will buy, well for quite awhile. You see, I was talking to my friend 'N'. She's not from around here, but will be paying us a visit in July. She mentioned she had a few pounds to lose, and I boldly asked how many. Turns out she wants to lose what I need to lose. Time is ticking, and July will be here soon enough. So... we're going to challenge each other to do it NOW. We're both going to do it.

Oh sure, she wanted to start March 1st, but I wanted my last weekend of delight, before I have to give up the goodies. I had my 'last supper' at the Olive Garden tonight with Paige. I am full of Fettucini Alfredo A shot of the unlimited breadsticks we kept getting. Looks.. sorta.. nasty in this picture. and even my not-so-free birfday raspberry cheesecake at Olive Garden! =). I'm ready now.

We're trying to think of a prize for the one that loses the most, or a negative consequence for the one that doesn't. Something that will motivate us! We've thought of: the one that doesn't lose as much as the other, has to put their picture on the internet, dressed in a bikini. Um... that's a little bit scary I think! I'm a few (just a few) years older then my friend, and what if we both totally behave ourselves, and she's just able to lose more? What if it's out of my hands???? We've also considered the loser paying for the winner's massage or manicure when they come up. Any clever ideas out there?

So tonight at 11:59 PM I will eat my last Hershey Hug... I am done with you my sweet friend...

Gotta run, it's hard to unwrap those Hersey Hugs and type at the same time! Time's a ticking!!!


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

good luck with that. I know on the biggest loser diet, you are allowed 2 pieces of chocolate like once/week. It's hard having Dove chocolates in the house though and only get two pieces a week. I swear those things call out to you the rest of the week saying.. "what about me... what about me?" :0)

Again.. good luck!

Susan said...

I am also on the chocolate/candy boycot. I just love it too much and it's not good for me. My friend and I are doing it. I am wanting 7 lbs gone so I am couning caloties, too. Hopefuly we will all look great in our swiimsuits this summer!

kerri said...

Wow, giving up chocolate, your my hero.
I am having touble losing weight, I have gained a huge amount over a period of two years, easy on, incredibly hard coming off. Hubby bought me a treadmill for Xmas, sadly I think I have to not only exercise but give up my pop and snacks too, LOL.
I'll be part of the cheering section, go girl!!
I think posting a bikini photo on the net would terrify me into weight loss yikes, LOL.

cougchick said...

Way to go Christine! You can do it. It's great to have someone to hold you accountable. Good luck to you both.
Love the previous video, too cute!

BrendaR said...

Good for you! Over here we haven't really given up any specific foods, but we are exercising daily. Boy, that Gazelle can be a killer (sweating in the middle of the winter - yuck)
Having someone to hold you accountable is a great motivator!
You can do it!!!!

PIPO said...

I sincerely believe I would die without chocolate...that or get so mean someone would start a chocolate IV on me.

May the force be with you!

mommy24treasures said...

good luck. I think a treat of some kind is perfect for the one that loses most,but no consequences:( isn't having to give up chocolate sad enough :(

nikki said...

Ah yes, it is March - we are all on the same page...I wanna shed some pounds too. (just don't know if I have the will-power to back up my desire) I mean, just lookin' at your dinner from Olive Garden made me HUNGRY!
Well, good luck to you and your friend...and to me too!

Steffie B. said...

Good luck.....I need to diet as well.....I keep procrastinating! It's much easier! lol

Somewhere In The Sun said...

You can do it! The first week is the hardest. One piece of advice...if you really really really want some chocolate. Go to the store and buy ONE. Get something as low calorie/fat as possible like 3 Muskateer's, but do indulge once in a while if you must. Otherwise you might just give in an buy a whole bag! Can't wait to hear about your progress.


Jewels of My Heart said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I need this to inspire me but I have eaten 3 BAGS of Dove's chocolate since Vanlentines..... I'm going the wrong way on the scale.
I know you can do it!

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