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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol & Jonas Brothers

jonas brothers
Paige loves the Jonas Brothers. Tonight is their concert, and Paige and her BFF cousin Carolyn couldn't be more excited. They've got pretty good seats on the floor. Paige adores Nick (the one on the right). They're nice boys. Their dad is/was a Pastor & they wear purity rings, so I approve.

Now for my guess on who's going home tonight on American Idol. This week is a tough one. I'll go with...

Agree or disagree? Personally I'd like to see the screaming, 3 pack a day smoking, scruffy witchy haired chick go home... but I don't think she will yet.

Yes, Paige voted 103 times tonight for

She's his biggest fan.


Sam said...

The Jonas Brothers are a favorite with Cullen and his friends too. He would LOVE to see that concert!!! He is going to the Blue Men Group concert on Thursday, but would trade for the Jonas Brothers in a second!!!

BTW, You slacker!!! I posted my Weird Wednesday photos already!!!

kerri said...

Okay I am totally out of the teen loop. I have never heard of the Jonas bros, I'm so lame.
My vote for the second week is Christie lee Cooke. I would love to see rocker babe hit the road or change her venue, her raspy rock thing is getting old.

mommy24treasures said...

Paige is a loyal fan how sweet. I try to not get involved. The first yr I watched I get too passionate;)
I over hear Dad to 4 and Ryan watching and I know I am in agreement with you about Cruella. YUCK YUCK.
I also know I agree with Paige, such a sweet boy. ;)
Thats why I don't watch, when he loses I will be sad if I start paying attention and caring ;)

Kelley said...

I think you're right about Kristy Lee Cook going home this week...although some of the performances (I thought) were really terrible, so it could be a surprise...we'll see...

Steffie B. said...

you guys are too funny....Emmie and I will be watching too! ;)

nikki said...

Ding dong, the witch is gone!
Next week Christie Lee Cooke can go.

Rony said...

who do you think tonight? I missed it! Im with you on the rocker. Glad she's gone...... And she claims to be in medicine and yet smokes!!