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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's all fun and games till somebody gets hurt...

When DH was recovering from his hernia surgery, he was home and taking it easy. There was a lot of Shrek Monopoly going on! Sophia is the banker. She does very well keeping her money separate from the bank's money, and paying each player $2 as they pass go. Yeah, it makes perfect sense that she's the banker - she's a control freak! (like her Mama!)

Sophia likes to move her own piece, rolling the die, and counting the correct spaces. She reads her own 'chance' cards, and usually gets them right. Now don't think she's a genius just yet, she's memorizing them, and taking clues from the pictures on them.

"Oh Daddy... you're so silly..."

This is serious business!
Notice the button she's wearing, that's Noah's picture, from when he was playing basketball. She's his biggest fan, next to his Mama.

Sophia pays Pornphen for landing on her property. Pornphen (pronounced pon pen) is a teacher from Thailand, that is staying with us for a few months. She's here through AFS, and is teaching at Paige's school.

Pornphen is a wonderful fit for our family. We're really enjoying her stay.

p.s. No one got hurt, I just thought the title was catchy! ;)


Christy said...

FUN!!! We just started playing games with our boys. We are pitiful and have never been game people but our boys love it. We started with Clue. We will keep on clue for a while and move onto others.

Christy :)

kerri said...

How great to have Pornphen staying with you. :O)
We are a family who love board games too, the fave right now is snakes and ladders, Jillian goes up the snakes and ladders both, LOL

Beverly said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun.


Christie said...

Looks like a ball - but did someone get hurt as per the title?

Awww, but what a cutie pie she is!

nikki said...

Looks like hubby wasn't the only one enjoying a little "down time"...and Miss Sophia IS a genius. Memorizing those cards isn't easy!

But, did someone get hurt? I hope not.

Rony said...

Looks to me like Porn Pen is adjusting well with your family. Dh's looks like he was enjoying all the attention. Not that he gets much of that. *snort*