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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Puppy Play

Maggie & Diesel are brother and sister, and they play like they are. Here they are 'fighting', but it's really a good natured thing. Once in awhile it gets nasty, with snarls and they really mean business, but most often it's just for fun.

Diesel has Maggie pinned down by her neck. Maggie's favorite trick is to grab Diesel's legs (usually the back ones), and pull him down or flip him. They're rather entertaining to watch!

It might be hard to see here, but Diesel will walk up to the couch, tuck his left, back leg under him, and sit his butt on the couch. He's such a lazy moose!


mommy24treasures said...

that s so funny how he wants to sit on the couch like a person.:) said...

My what big teeth they have! lol.. They do look like they could take off an arm or leg.

kerri said...

The first photo looks like they mean business!
I love the way Diesel gets on the couch, he really does think he's human. LOL

Beverly said...

Funny pups.


redmaryjanes said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

Steffie B. said... call that first picture "puppy play"????/ I about died when I saw all those teeth! lol

Jeff and Valerie said...

Gotta love puppyhood. They are beautiful pups!