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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Noah started Basketball today!

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Awaiting instruction from the coach

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Sophia and Minnie watch with interest

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Noah shoots - he scores!

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Bleachers can be fun!

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My handsome boy

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Sophie being a ham - as usual!

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Noah dribbles and runs down the court

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Sophia puts Minnie to bed

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They played dribble tag

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Noah is 7, and in the 2nd grade. He's never expressed much interest in sports, but this year he was on fire to play basketball. I signed him up at the school, and today was the first day. The group of boys above are 1st and 2nd grade boys.

I was a bit concerned that Noah would be frustrated that the other boys knew how to play, and he didn't. We just got him a basketball a few weeks ago, and we don't have a hoop here at home (yet). Since he got the ball, he's been dribbling on the porch (not in the house, thank you!) He's been playing with the boys at recess in school, but I didn't know how much like the game that would be.

Well, he did great! About 1/2 way through I mentioned to the coach that was working with him that he'd never played until recently, and he looked shocked and commented that he never would have guessed that. I wanted the coach to know that Noah might not understand 'offense' and 'defense' or the terminology he might use with the more experienced players. Honestly, Noah was pretty up to speed skill wise with most of the boys. There were a couple 'pros' in the group, but Noah certainly wasn't in the bottom 1/2 of the group, either.

The coaches worked them hard, and I'll bet Noah will sleep well tonight. He loved it. I'm so proud of him for trying, and working so hard at it.


mommy24treasures said...

Noah looks SO serious!
Hope he has a wonderful season and a good time.

Anonymous said...

Noah looks like he knows what he is doing. Glad he is into a sport. Mom

Jewels of My Heart said...

How exciting! Love the pics.
They are both just too sweet for words. Looks like you have a basketball star and a cheerleader in the making.
How is your foot doing? I hope you are completely healed.
Have a beautiful day.

hausfrau said...

great music, takes me back...

bball looks fun!

Holly said...

Great job Noah! BB is a great sport.

Lisa said...

Way to go Noah! Basketball is a great sport! Hope he has a great, but FUN season!

nikki said...

Wow! That is so great that Noah is a natural at b-ball! You must be so proud...and he looks good out on the court, too! (what a cutie-pie)

And Sophia cracks me the papertowel blanket for Minnie!

Christy said...

Good for Noah. That is so cool that the coach would not have guessed he never played before. That is cool. Maybe you have a natural on your hands. Very cute pics and love Minny and Sophia watching Noah!

Chrsity :)

Bridget said...

Hey you! Great pix, as usual! Hey... did you ever happen to come across Z's Awana book? UGH. I am so bummed she lost her bag! It also had her yellow workbook in it for Sparks.
Just let me know! I might need to order her new ones! Love, Bridget

Beverly said...

My nieces version of soccer practice or "soccieboll" when she was 2 and 3 was eating french fries whil my nephew practiced. The pics of Sophia reminded me of that.


Lauren and Ed said...

Good job, Noah! What a cutie...he even has his own personal cheerleader in the stands!

Hopingforsix said...

Noah does look comfortable and like he knows what he's doing with the basketball. In our town, they don't start basketball till 2nd grade. Love your little ham too:) She is adorable.

Abby's Mom said...

Very cute! Your own all star and cheerleader :)

cougchick said...

Jump!Jump! love that song.

We are a b-ball family, soon to be doing the same thing as you...

Mommy Spice said...

Way to go Noah!! Looks like he has a cute little cheerleader in the stands as well.

BrendaR said...

Nice job, Noah. I'd love to come watch sometime! said...

G-d are those some cute kids! Where's Paige?