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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sophie Bangs

I trimmed Sophia's bangs the other day (can you tell I did it myself?) I just love this picture, even though I cut the top of her head off when I took it! Total cuteness! Sophia is counting to ten perfectly now (she used to skip #4), and is doing a pretty good job with her ABC's. We don't work too hard on them, but before we get up in the morning, she gets in my bed and we have 'cuddle time'. When we're done with cuddle time, we count to ten, and then say our ABC's. Just doing this, once a day has, helped her learn them. She doesn't watch any TV other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Wiggles, so she's not getting the good old education stuff like Sesame Street has to offer. She likes what she likes, and I can't seem to sway her. Right now her favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse, and Mermaid. I think Minnie Mouse has taken the lead. We've been watching all of our Disney movies, (one per night), so she'll be familiar with the characters when we get there in March. I will be uploading a video or two soon - check back! Oh, and you are allowed to leave comments... so I know someone out there in the world is reading! :) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

You did a good job of cutting her bangs. She's cute as a button. Luv, Mom

Bridge said...

Hey!! Nice hair cutting job...hehe. I am psyched to see the link to my site on here. AWWWW... you are so sweet!! (but now people that actually know me will go and see how weird I really am!!! haha)
Did you see my newest wool pants for Evan?? (I have another comment in my that might be you too!! hehe) Do you knit? Sophia would look so cute in a pair of knit pants! I am addicted to them!!!
Well... we'll see how organized I can get this coming week. Troy and I are going to dedicate ourselves to getting this crazy house balanced!! We've been getting up and reading the bible and talking and planning and it has really helped get a focus each day!
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love to see that people take time to do that after all my hard work sharing my life and heart and stuff!!
Hope to see ya Friday! We didn't go to Awana last week because Troy's starter went in his car so he had to take the van to work. He is off at 5 Friday so we can all go!
:) Bridge

Anonymous said...

I am reading and admiring! Too cute! The pizza looks so good to me!


redmaryjanes said...

I think that her bangs look great! And trust me, I know what a nightmare it is to cut a toddlers hair. Good job Mom!