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Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Noah!

Today my boy turned 7. Hard to believe! Noah is such a sweet boy. He wanted to wear his silk outfit from China to school today. I called his school this morning, and cancelled his hot lunch and showed up just before lunch with his favorite - a foot long Subway club sandwich and a little gift in a bag for him.

Pictured above, he is excitedly opening his present at home tonight - a Ford and Chevy truck thingy with men and and the trucks say things like, "built Ford tough" etc. Noah's a Ford man, just like his Dad. He got a kick out of it that the Chevy truck, new in the box, wouldn't talk when you push the button. "See the Chevy's junk!" LOL

The last picture is of Noah & Sophia playing with the trucks in the living room. Noah let her play with the Chevy, and he made a jump out of a pillow. Did I mention Noah is 100% boy?

Here are some things you should know about Noah:

  • He has more tools than the average man.
  • His favorite food is a foot long Subway club.
  • His little sister loves to mimic whatever he does, and whatever he says.
  • His big sister loves to tease him.
  • He likes to pull out his own teeth when they are loose.
Happy Birthday Noah!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday to Noah!

You have a beautiful family, tell your oldest daughter, I think she should be a model. :)