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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sophia & Ted's birthday

Here's Sophia and Daddy, at one of our favorite restaurants, the Ninety Nine (it's a New England thing). Ted thinks Sophie looks like she just stepped off the Partridge Family bus. Sophie still loves her Daddy with all her heart; that hasn't changed a bit.

Sophia is going to pre-k at our local elementary school, 5 days a week in the afternoons. I drop her at school (and then go to work), and she comes home on the regular bus with her big brother Noah. She's just plain big, this girl. She loves pre-k. She gets off at her Nan & Papa's house (w/brother), and stays there till Ted gets out of work (usually just a couple hours).

Ted just turned 41 on Friday, and Sophia turns 4 on the 9th. She's having a 'Camp Rock' party, with mostly family, and a couple friends. She's 4 going on 14. She loves that movie, and sings all the songs. She does all the dances too - I'll have to get the video camera out and get her on video signing at the top of her lungs. It's too cute, if I do say so myself.

Okay, I've been away from blogland for awhile, but that's okay. Things have been busy, and the break has done me good - I was spending much too much time on the computer, getting caught up in everyone's lives. There are a few blogs I miss, and will get back to checking you out very soon, I promise. I do have to cut back, after all, I'm a working woman now! :)
Hope you are all well. Life is good up here in Maine.
p.s. the ground was white with frost this morning... brrrrr! Winter's coming!


Anonymous said...

How funny...I had to look back at the photo after reading the "Partridge Family" golly, I think he is right!!!

Happy B-Day to Sophia and Ted!!!

Nicole said...

Welcome back. I missed you, but you already knew that! I love that picture. It's groovy!

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to two of your loves. It is hard to work and be addicted to the blogs.

Amy said...

Welcome back too!! Tell Ted and Fei Fei happy birthday from all of us!!!! Hoping your feeling better too! Love, Amy

kerri said...

Welcome back, missed you guys!
Happy birthday Spohia and Ted, love the picture!! I love retro, it takes me back to the days, LOL!
Good to hear things are well, we had a white, thick frost this morning too, the girls thought it had snowed, oh ya, it is around the corner...

Lauren and Ed said...

Glad to see Sophi's cute face again!!!!!

insanemommy said...

He's still my favorite fantasy hunk! I'm assuming you were speaking to me when you said you missed some of us. I missed you too. :)

Amy said...



Jewels of My Heart said...

Happy Birthday to sweet, beautiful Sophia and her loving Daddy!
Everytime I see a pic of the two of them together it just warms my heart... what a precious bond they have.
Miss you friend... hope you are well.

katherine said...

sounds like acadia! she is 3 1/2 and is in love with hannah montana, the jonas brothers & sharpay, troy & gabriella from high school musical! So cute, she still wants to "play with sophia".