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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Relaxing Day...

Today (okay, it was actually July 17th, when our friends from Alabama were still here) was a relaxing day. Ted, Harry and Noah went to Belgrade to visit our Diesel boy in captivity, and had a *sweet* picnic by a river (can you say MALE BONDING?). Nicole and I took the rest of the gang (minus Paige) into Hallowell for lunch, and then to the Christmas Tree Shop. (it's a New England thing). Go to NICOLE'S BLOG to see more cute pics and get more details.

Lunch at our favorite local Chinese restaurant.

Gracie gets silly with her fortune!

Nicole was so sweet to bring matching dresses for the girls. They were so cute!

Sophia didn't want any part of it, but Noah and Gracie had a blast on the water slide.

The water was ice cold - coming from deep within the well.

Harrison enjoyed getting his feet wet at the bottom of the slide.

What else did we do, Nicole? We went to Isamax for 'world famous' whoopie pies, right? (you may have seen them on Oprah's show) Oh, my memory... good thing I've got all these pictures to remember!

Each morning and evening we spent on the porch, swinging, talking and relaxing. Good times.


kerri said...

What terrific pictures, I think I feel the need for pie. ;)
I still am praying for Diesel return...

insanemommy said...

Cute chicks! Love their dresses too mommy.

Nicole said...

This was so much fun, and I loved the Christmas Tree Shop! I posted mine too and used some of the same pictures!