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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy, busy!

First, thank you all for your kind words. It has been hard. I should mention that Noah and Sophia don't know that Diesel is dead, we didn't see the need to upset them. I wouldn't expect anyone that we know to say anything, but just in case - thought I'd mention it.

We've disconnected the home internet, so I'm typing this on the Blackberry. LOVE IT BTW. But, I can't seem to leave comments for people. Please know I'm still reading and following. If anyone has a Blackberry and has figured out how to leave comments, I'd love to know... Thanks!

So, a few things have been going on. Here's the summary:

Sold the Volvo.

Bought another Volvo, one year newer, less than 1/2 the miles, always been garaged and extremely well maintained. It's RED.

Sophia starts pre-K September 2nd. She'll be going 5 days a week in the afternoon, at the elementary school Noah goes to. I'll take her, and she'll ride the bus home with big brother.

Noah's going into 3rd grade- Paige is a Sophomore this year.

Paige and I are going for our yearly school shopping/girls weekend trip to NH next weekend. Sophia will stay home with DH and Noah this year.

I'm going back to work, when the kids start school. I got the job I wanted, and the hours are perfect. I'll have mornings with Sophia, drop her at school then head to work. The pay is good, and the benefits are amazing.

We're down to three adult guineas, and three babies (getting big!). Momma hen is sitting on 12 eggs this time, we'll see...

I'll post some cute pics soon, promise!


mommy24treasures said...

ohh tell more about the job. What will you be doing? Why did you disconnect the internet?
I am so glad you didn't upset the children with the terrible news. I hope they never have to find out bless their hearts.

Kayce said...

Congrats on the job! Enjoy your weekend shopping trip with Paige, I can't wait to do that someday with my own daughter.

Beverly said...

I am crying over diesel. I am so sorry. congrats on the new job.

Nicole said...

Congrats on the job! I wondered where you've been... Have fun next weekend!

Bridget said...

Hi Christine! I'm so sorry to hear about Diesel :( I haven't been over to your blog for a while, so I've had fun looking around at all your cool posts! I posted for you today... so go to this link and check out the pic I took JUST for you ;-)

insanemommy said...

Shit, shit, shit! What the hell happened?!?! Tell the children not to read this post....I know I've got the potty mouth going, but what happened to Diesel?!?! OMG.... Must find time to catch up with you. Do tell about the new job. Sounds like a slice of heaven.

kerri said...

Congrats on the new job!
Enjoy your shopping weekend with Paige, Jennifer is starting to enjoy this time with Mom, it is so special!!

Bennyboy said...

yeah i have the same problem about leaving comments and youtub e videos w/ my psp