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Monday, April 21, 2008

Leaving the Pups & the Eye Doctor

Sophie gives Diesel some love

When we leave the pups, we give them a little treat, and tell them to stay. They're good pups, and we let them roam around free in the house when we're gone. Here's Sophia giving Maggie her treat. While the pups are 'fierce protectors' and are big, they are very gentle taking the treat from Sophia.

The pups have to sit for her, before they get the treat.

Sophia had her first eye doctor appointment. No concerns, but they recommend starting at age 3 children see an eye doctor. Here she's wearing some glasses they put on her to test to see if the image she was looking at would appear to lift off the page. She passed that test with flying colors.

Sophia did well at the eye doctor appointment. The doctor detected some far sightedness, but said the vision changes so quickly at this age, so she's just going to watch it.

Sophia does have a couple of gray spots on the white of one eye, (you only see it when she looks up and over a certain way with that eye) and the doctor said it is just a thin spot on the white, but if anything changes to let her know.

At the end of the appointment, Sophia collects the three stickers she is promised. Noah and Paige both have routine appointments later this week (school vacation week, yahoo!) so Sophia will enjoy going back and telling them how she already did all the same tests.


Beverly said...

Such a cute outfit. Sophia is adorable. Very grown up looking.

Lauren and Ed said...

Love her little Gap outfit! Mia is going back to the eye dr today too. :)

mommy24treasures said...

what a great idea for a post! Cute as ever! Glad the eye exam went well!

nikki said...

Sophia is sooo cute with her pups!
And she did a GREAT job at the Dr's office...makes it nice, doesn't it?
I guess I'd better get Lily an eye appt. (I had no idea!)

kerri said...

Love the first photo, gorgeous!!
Jillian is going to eye Dr. soon, before school starts in Sept.
Good job Sophia(Your outfit is so sweet).

LaLa said...

So sweet in her little outfit and with her puppy...glad all is well.

Jewels of My Heart said...

So glad all is is well with her peepers. Hannah has spots like that too. I only see them when she makes her eyes look to the side.... she loves to do that... I try to do it back to her but it hurts my eyes.
Now..... the next time Diesel is falsely accused of something I am going to remind you of this post and I quote, "THEY are GOOD pups."
"THEY" as in, Maggie and my boy Diesel! He's a good boy I tell you!
still waiting on his video debut.

Nicole said...

Love the outfit! and the fashionable glasses ;-)

my3 kids said...

Our daughter has a grey spot on the white of her eye as well that you can only see when she looks up. She is 8.5 now and recently got glasses but the spot has never changed. Way to go Sophia...your such a brave little girl and so cute too.