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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Girl's Road Trip!

We're back from our annual 'girl's only' school shopping trip to tax free New Hampshire. There was no tax on our purchases, how weird is that? I'll bet you're wondering, do we save any money by driving 2-3 hours one way, staying in a hotel, & eating out all our meals? NO. But, it's a great couple days! Paige won't be at home but a few more years, and hopefully she will fondly remember these trips. It's an adventure, and we have a lot of fun.

With hotel booked, GPS set, gas in the tank, instructions given to DH on the dogs, keets and boy, we were off! That porch better be done when we get back... ;)

First stop: Freeport, Maine. Home of the LL Bean flagship store, and hundreds of outlet stores. Every outlet store you can imagine. Gotta pay tax here (5%), but the Abercrombie Outlet is a worthwhile visit. The Abercrombie store is in the old Freeport Library building, yes, pretty cool. We climbed the large, original granite steps, and were greeted by blaring music (yes, BLARING, Sophia had her hands over her ears, and we had to talk loudly to be heard). It was packed with teens and their parents, we got some sweet deals there. By the time we finished there, it was lunch time.

Here's Sophia being a cutie, sipping her Apple Juice at McDonald's

Paige didn't want her picture taken. I think she was embarrassed I had my camera out at McDonald's! The flower isn't part of her outfit, but I had to add it to the picture so I could keep my 'G' rating!

I love this picture. Sophia was giggling, sipping her juice

We wanted to hit the road and get to NH, so we pulled into the Freeport McDonald's. This McDonald's is unlike any you've seen. It's in an old, big, white house. You get your food and go sit down in one of the original rooms of the house. Sophia enjoyed her nuggets & fries (ewww) and we headed back to the mini-van with her Hello Kitty toy in hand.

The drive that should have taken 2 hours from there, took more than 2 1/2. Torrential downpours (I-95 down to 40mph) and then just major traffic back up until we got off I-95 (I literally drove 5-10 mph for 8 miles. UGH!) Couldn't figure out what the slow traffic was all about. No holiday weekend, no accident... I did hear on the radio the Police were playing at Fenway Park, could that have been it?

Sophia's potty trained, you will remember. We were in NH, stuck in that awful traffic, crawling along. She announced "I have to poop". What's a mom to do? I told her I'd find a bathroom as soon as I could get off the highway, I would get off the next exit. She started to panic, and the look on her face told me it was urgent. I pulled over to the side of I-95, took her out of her car seat, removed her pants & underwear, and had her squat (like using a squatty potty in China!) just beside the van, on the grass by the highway. She was a trooper, and her 'business meeting' was done. "Wow, that's a big one" she marvels as I wipe her tush with the Domino's Pizza napkins Paige found in the glove compartment. I was torn. I'll confess - I considered leaving it there (wouldn't the rain have washed it away???) But no - so I asked Paige to hand me one of the doggy poop pickerupper bags (they're purple and scented). Good thing I left those in the van! I scooped the poop, tied a knot in it, and placed it in the van by the sliding door. Sophia told Paige "I pooped a big one, Paige."

Our first stop in NH was TJMaxx. On the way into the store I threw the bag away in the outside trash can. Phew, gone. We walk through the doors, and Sophia says (loudly), "Mommy, why you throw my poop away?" Shhhhh Sophia I'm thinking... Did anyone understand her? "Because it was going to stink up the van, honey." That seemed to satisfy her for now.

At TJMaxx we began our collection of bags in the mini-van. If you've got a teen, you know it's all about the name-brand stuff. Abercrombie & American Eagle are Paige's two faves. Ahhh... I remember when it was the less expensive stuff... (LEI, Sketchers, Mudd).

After TJMaxx we sought out the hotel. After settling into the room, we set out to grab some dinner, and then to the mall. Sophia's ready to check into the hotel

Found this Radisson hotel on, it was only 1 mile from the mall we went to in Nashua, NH

Sophia was dancing in the hotel room with her new shades on

We didn't bring a stroller for Sophia. GASP! You heard right, we left if home. The girl's a trooper. We put her squeaky shoes on (we call them her shopping shoes) and we shopped and shopped. We closed the mall (9:30 pm) and headed back to the hotel.

Paige put some of her purchases together, and modeled some outfits. We called the boys at home, and all was well. Sophia was able to tell Daddy about her 'big poop on the grass by the road." We all got to bed about 11pm, and slept until 10:30. We were wiped! This morning after some snacking in the room, we packed up and were headed off again to hit the mall. We weren't done yet!

Here's Sophia on the way home from New Hampshire. Minnie Mouse, Blanket, Gold Fish crackers & her toy, and she's ready for a nap.

Paige took this picture of her feet in the van, on our way home

We finished up the shopping, and by mid-afternoon we were headed home. A few minutes from home Sophia announced, "I have to poop." Oh no!
"We're almost home honey, wait a minute and you can poop at home," I reply.
"Okay. Me poop a big one on the grass by the road," Sophia says.
"Yes, honey, you sure did..."


Sam said...

LOL!!! So glad Sophia didn't "poop a big one" in your front yard too!!!! So funny! Sounds like a great shopping trip. Maybe you will bring the girls to shop with us next year for our annual adoption shopper's adventure!

Sam (who won't put her email address on this just to annoy you!!!!)

Lori said...

Oh how fun! We used to go up there all the time when we lived in Boston! Loved the RL and the Crate & Barrel outlets!
Looks like you girls had a blast! Cute pictures!

kris said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Love Sophia with her suitcase... too cute!

mommy24treasures said...

sounds like a busy weekend. Paige and my Ryan would get along fine shopping! He loves the same 2 shops!
I keep a tiny baby bjorne potty in the car. All three of mine have always had to go the minute you get in the car to go somewhere.
Caitlyn has never pooped n the grass but does like to sneak outside to peepee in the grass. She has seen her brother and thinks that is the neatest thing. I tell her to come in and use the potty and she says no mommy, gass.

Stacy said...

What a GREAT trip! It will be such a fun memory for the girls. The big p**p story will be a classic for years to come.

West Virginia has a no tax day once a year. It is amazing how much you can save. Luckily we live right on the border so I will be heading over there one of these years for back to school shopping. :)

Sarah said...

Who'd have thought that the memory from the weekend would be the poop on the side of the road? Isn't life so much fun with a potty training toddler? Sophia is just TOO TOO cute!!!

Love the daisy over the cleavage shot... LOL!

Awesome shopping trip!! What a great idea!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

secret agent said...

That's hysterical.
I hope she continues to brag about her roadside present in public for you often.

Mommy Spice said...

Oh, the poop story is priceless!! I'm sure that one will be told for years to come. Sounds like a fun girl's weekend!!

Lauren and Ed said...

Great narrating. I was laughing out loud! You sound like my kind of like crazy. I love to shop and so does Mia. Your girls are so pretty, and your eldest daughter takes some cool pics!

BrendaR said...

Sounds like fun! I can just see you guys out there on the side of the road with a squatting toddler! What a riot!!!! We'll be taking a trip to Freeport once Melissa is home for the summer!

LaLa said...

What a fun girl trip (our tax free weekend is this coming one..yay) I am cracking up b/c Annslee has the same two shirts Sophia is wearing ..ha ha said...

Dance Sophia, dance. Love Paiges delicate feet. They even look pretty.

Glad you girls had so much fun. Next time I will join you. I always enjoy spending others money!

nikki said...

A girls' weekend of shopping...what a perfect idea. Glad it was filled with adventure -planned (and unplanned)...Lily's favorite spot to go potty is definitely on the grass. Hey! whatever works...but for long trips we just bring a potty in the car. (she pees every 15 minutes, it seems).
Tell her we are proud of her big poop! Atta girl.

Lauren said...

What a fun vacation!!!

Gracie said...

What a cutie! Love the picture if her and her juice.

Donna Paonessa said...

What a great weekend! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your girls. The pictures are awesome, and the poop story is a riot!! We had to do that last summer driving to our vacation spot, and my little Sophia STILL talks about it!

Holly said...

What a fun weekend. Sophia is too funny!! So cute!

Lisa said...

Love the poop story. That will be one you won't forget.
We have the tax free weekend this upcoming weekend.
Love the photos.

Chris & Deb said...

I love shopping in Freeport! What a great get-away...just for the girls too! Your poop story cracked me up! Kids do say some of the funniest things!

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a great weekend. Shopping, eating, crashing out in a hotel ... doesn't get much better than that.

The poop tales crack me up. I love the fact that you scooped it up with a dog bag. I would have done the same thing ;)

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a wonderful, fun tradition.... so glad you had a blast!

Beckyb said...

Sounds like SO much fun - oh, and thanks for not posting a picture of that "poop on the grass"!!!!

Diana said...

Sophia cracks me up! What a the picture of her bringing in her luggage!!!
I can't wait to do the shopping trip with my girls.

Susan said...

You have some beautiful girls and some great pictures! Sophie is so sweet!

A Special Family said...

I have the same carseat ready to be used :)

Kimber said...

I laughed so hard and the poop story. Sounds like a fun weekend:)