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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Busy, crazy Sunday.

Today we left the pups home alone for the first time. The pups HATE being crated (panic, sweating, constant barking & trying to shred the crate the one time we tried, for a solid 2 hours!). So, we cleaned out the mudroom (14 x 16'), and set them up with their dog beds, food & water, and a few toys. Then we held our breath, and headed to church. We rushed home from church only to find... they did GREAT! The only thing they did was take a throw rug and shake it around, which made a sandy mess to sweep up on the tile floor. No piles of poo - no puddles to clean up. Yahoo! :)

So... we let them out, played with them for a bit, and decided to run a couple errands and go have lunch. We gave them each a treat, and headed off again. Yes, we were pushing it. Twice in one day?

Our first errand was to meet someone at Dunkin Donuts to trade laptops. Long story, but we had an old relic laptop in a closet, and Noah found it the other day. I went on Freecycle (yahoo group), and asked if anyone had any games on old floppy disks. Can't buy them new now, and this laptop didn't have a cd drive. Someone responded, and offered to trade for a laptop w/a cd drive. Why not?

After that, we had a quick lunch, and grabbed a few things at Sam's club. Did you know that you can feed a family of FIVE on $11 at Sam's club? I kid you not. Plenty of food and drink, you should try it sometime! ;)

From there we stopped at the movie theater, to see when the Transformers movie was playing, DH and Noah have been wanting to see it. Turns out the movie started 5 minutes before, which really means that's when they start running the 15 minutes of previews, so I bought the tickets for them. They headed right in, and Paige, Sophia and I headed over to Staples. Their 1 cent school supply sale started today (runs for a week, while supplies last!). Oh, I DO love a bargain! I snagged all the 1 cent stuff I could, and we then headed to the Christmas Tree Shop. For those of you not in the New England area, click on the link to see the latest flyer. Lots of neat stuff for entertaining, decorating, gifts, toys. Some pretty unique stuff, you never know what you'll find. Usually prices are very good. We needed another big dog bed, and it's the cheapest place around to get one. Paige got some snazzy looking flip flops for 89 cents a pair, and I grabbed a few misc items.

Then it was home to get the dogs. Again, they did great. No mess at all. After spending a few minutes with them, they jumped in the minivan, and we were off. Sophia got her nap in the van, and we headed back to the 'big city' to get the dog food (we buy the 40 lb bags now) we needed, and to weigh the dogs. Diesel is 35 lbs, Maggie is 30. Man oh man do people make of puppies! I mean, I know they're cute and all, but geez! Reminds me of the attention we use to get w/Sophia when she would wear her squeaky shoes shopping! After stopping 10 times for people to approach & pet the pups, Ted & Noah's movie had finished, and we were all together again. We headed home, and have been chilling ever since.

Sophia was wearing an adorable new outfit today, (I just love yellow on her!) so I asked her if I could take a couple pictures. She graciously agreed. Noah has been playing with his new laptop, and I whooped Paige at ping pong. Ted has been snoozing on the couch for the past 2 hours. It's 7:30, and I guess it's time for me to figure out something for supper. Might just be a 'fend for yourself' or 'cereal' night.

I guess Sunday is my 'day off.' I haven't done any laundry, haven't loaded the dishwasher, and I'm not cooking! Oh yes, I'll spend 1/2 the day tomorrow getting the house back in order, but it's worth it for me. For those of you in a warm climate, today the high was 71.


mommy24treasures said...

ooh I get to be the first comment! :)
Sounds like a busy day.
My dh saw the movie yesterday. He liked it. yeah for Noah and the laptop! Sophia is beautiful in her outfit. Caitlyn will not keep a hat on unfortunately.
Great luck on the dogs being ok for that long.
We had taco soup for dinner yummy. We do ceral some nights though. The kids love having it for dinner and I love not having to do anything but pour.:)
71 is quite mild. I can't imagine I am soo used to hot summers.

Jewels of My Heart said...

How could you think those sweet puppers could ever do anything wrong?????
Wonderful photos as always.

Lisa said...

I love the photos. I will have to check out those sites you were talking about. Sounds like you had a fun day! I too love being lazy some nights and just having cereal for dinner. The kids don't mind at all.

C.J. said...

Wonderful photos!

I'm looking forward to following along and so glad you stopped by to visit me.

BrendaR said...

Wow! The pups did great! Hey, is the 1 cent school supply sale still going on???? Will have to run up and see! Great photos! I love to see Sophie's outfits!

Sophie's Mom said...

The 1 cent Staples sale started Sunday, so will be going for a week. But, it's usually 'while supplies last'... so hurry! ;)

secret agent said...

My husband is dying to see that movie!!!

Yeah... big dogs are so easy... their "crate" can be an entire room. So good and easy to train.
I sit here staring at this yorkie I'm petsitting who is in diapers... after $1500 was spent to try to train him ... thinking why?????

Laurie said...

1 cent school supply sale!! I need to check if we have one in the Canadian Staples. WOW what a great deal.

I love the puppies and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL and so is Sophia.

Thanks for the ideas on my adventure child, Reagan. I'm going to get her checked out. She is seriously a tad over the top and I'm not the only one to notice thankfully.


Salome's Mom said...

What beautiful pictures!!!!

Jen M. said...

I have a Sam's Club! I am going to test out the $11 thing and get back to you (we're really six, but Baby Jack can share w/ mom)...

Jonni & John said...

Sophia and Noah are so adorable, love the pictures. I am so with you about loving a bargain. I definitely need to check out Staples 1 cent sale and I love the Christmas Tree Shop too. We have one in Syracuse. That's awesome about the pups behaving so well.


nikki said...

Love Sophia's outfit and the pics are adorable. You sure are keeping busy over there...

Great job pups! That is good news.