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Monday, February 19, 2007

Paige (age 3 1/2) sings Disney's 'Main Street USA'

Turn up the volume to hear Paige's cutie-pie rendition of 'Main Street USA'. She was 3 1/2, and we were in Disneyworld for the first time (in the hotel) when she sang this. I love her little voice, and her speech!


Anonymous said...

She sure was a cute little thing and did a good job. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Paige, Wow...American Idol here you come!! I used to watch that same video. We should sing it together as we go down Main Street. Pretty cute though. See you in 18 days......I will be looking for you on the ferris wheel and the merry-go-round:^)
Adios, mi amigas Taylor

Paige said...

Wow. I was so cute.